i will be attending diving school soon and would welcome any coments/advice on how i can get going with my new career,jobhunting tips would be welcome,many thanks

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Hey brother just send out your resume and go for what you think is the best offer. You will probly have to travel a lot so just understand that from the begining. this is a very hard industry your first 2 years or so. Check out all the dive web sites ask questions be prepared for some a****** remarks. The best thing you can do as a tender is be on time, work hard and always try get your own personal dive gear i am not talking about a hat right away but your bailout, wetsuit, knife ext. If you work hard on deck and you are prepared you will get in the water faster then the other tenders. Dive Safe Trevor Heintz
Dont just send your cv out. Try to speak to the dive mangers first and get to know what the company specialises in, ie civils, windfarms ect. Build a rapore with the companies and be persistent but not a pain. Its a hard industry to break but can be rewarding. Good Luck.


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