Hello, divers.

Would you let me know any company has saturation system and ADS (or rov)?


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Many of the vessels that are set up with a saturation diving system also have ROV onboard (whether by the same company or contracted from another company.) Some companies have both or all three.

There are a handful of ADS systems operating worldwide and it would be very unusual to find one mobilized together with a saturation system on the same job. Typically, ADS is marketed as an alternative so it is a one-or-the-other choice for the job.

Thank. Dave.
We are frequently asked to work deep sea like 80m to 120m.
We completed jops at 80m several times but some of our friend suffer from serious dcs.
We do not have sat system in our country.
So, we are thinking about ADS.
I heard that ADS is less cost than ROV or SAT system.
We need information about ADS and it's applications.
ADS is very cost effective against Sat System.
still cost excess 1 million usd. support is less costly then full Sat spread.
Bouncy Bell system also less cost then Sat. possable alternative.
I owned and performed work with a Galeazzi RM250 Hard Suit which if you could find one now it would be cost effective to convert to modern manipulators and joints.
Hard suits use plier type hands so they are limited to what you can do but you can build to the task you need to do including torch cutting.
A Hard Suit and ROV for backup would suit most jobs.
typical bottom times 6 / 8 hours work. No decompression.


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