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We would like to know if any of you out there can help us resolve our problem. We have a 8' pipe who is 3/4 full of water. There is like a foot maybe more of mussel all around inside of it. Our guys can clean a good part of it but there should be a mechanical way out there that can help us do that quicker and safer.


Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks all

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Yes the pig was open for debris to fall through to invert of pipe.
I would have to look back through my job archives to locate a picture and they are 450 miles from where I am at.
first one I built I fabricated a scale model 1/20 size and tested technique.
modeled on existing underground type pipe pigs.
scrapers could be locked in place or worked on load springs for final finish sweep.
You can run haul cable through pipe with a SCUBA diver thruster with line tied to it and pick it up outside end of pipe the attach appropriate line to pull cable through to roller block and return.
Suggestion is to come up with a lump sum price to do the job and fab equipment and rentals in mobilization cost present it as a cost plus fixed fee.
lump sum $ amount less mob & demob cost, day rate for personnel and equipment will then be deducted from lump amount based on X number of days to complete work. If work is completed in less then estimated days then the difference is split 50 / 50 with the client which is a win win for both sides.
example lump sum is 125K based on 10 days work,25K fee for mob&demob.
you do job in 5 days cost is 50K leaving 50K you split with client thats a 25K bonus for not being on the job.You just made 100K total.
Inform client you have propritary process. Remember the down time for the client is big bucks in lost production adjust price accordingly.
I parlayed an $1800. inspection into a $6 million project with a 20% profit.
It not the game its how you play it.

K for 10 days work, mob & demob is 25K

Mandrel Pig is what You should Consider.

See Decker - Ryan Company



Photo of 78" pig

Stock size 60"



Knapp - designs and builds pipeline pigs to suit specific applications

Stock size 58"

URL: http://www.pollypig.com/pages/Custom/Custom%20Design%20Pigs.htm

I did this quick a little bit, sorry about that. Here is more information about our situation.
The pipe have 8' inside diameter, and is over a 1000' foot long (horizontaly), (we saw at least this, they did not mention anything more to us). The pipe is underground and have an access point at the pumphouse, and one a 1000' foot and then one at the plant. As it is now the pipe is 3/4 full of water, can be flushed almost completely.
We dont want to send our guys in there at all, only at the begining of the pipe and at the access point to set up what we need to clean it. We already did a ROV inspection of it, its full of shell and s***, and when I say s***, I mean a lot of it. The smell is awfull, maybe even not good for us.
All the trash will need to come out from the pumphouse, we did not see another way to have this taken out.
Also guys thanks a lot for the reply, I read all of them carefully and see if it can apply in our case.
When You say s*** do you mean actual feces ?. I think once you get a pic of the pig you could probably add 2 water blaster jets that will fire forward at a angle and cause the pig ( neutral buoyancy) to rotate . How are you gonna get the winch cable down the pipe 1000ft to hook to a sled or pig to. Dont give up on the job worse case scenario get fred a pic and specs and throw him a consult $. If you cant do it fast no one else can. I would try to sell it with a added benefit like the disposal that was said earlier. Maybe some filtration that will reduce the cleaning load or a maintenance contract once you build the tool your the only one with it so you got it locked up for a while. Is this water land locked in the plant or does it connect with a body of water? things like alkalinity ,salinity, oxygen level. temp can help in future control if you know the pests habitat tolerances. this may not apply but glance at it http://marronebioinnovations.com/pdf/zequanox_bg2.pdf
The s*** thing was only a term...lol. The water blaster could be an idea, and as for the winch cable a ROV could do the trick.
And the report you have is very interesting....
Hey Dale, no, as said in a previous post ( I know its hard to notice everything) It is not 8 inches, but 8 ft.
Lol, I do understand ya on that one...
Try to use air lifting bag which is helps you to reduced the weight of the pipeline. If possible please make a basic design and attach here for more information. By the way i am not a Diver i am a LST. But have little bit of knowledge about lifting. Thanks.


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