Hello Everybody,

I am wondering what people opinions are on these two options.
Going to the Navy they pay you $25k to go to Dive school
At CDA I would be paying $25k.

Can I get some feedback on this.

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I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the USNDA is a very physically demanding school. It is about 31 weeks long and the physical requirments are tough. If you go Nany, which is a great thing to do, you better be in shape because the Dive Academy for USN is basically just like going to BUDS. A civillian dive school is going to prepare you for entry level work and not to defend our country!

The Army and National Guard also have divers...just as tough and the USArmy divers go to the same school as the Navy Divers in FL, with the exception of a 3 week prep school that gets you Army strong and mentally fit for the upcoming 29 week Naval school. Hope you like to study!
Who dat Flynn ?
first off i am not retarded....
second off clearly people responded to my question so were your comments really needed? nope.
Thank you to everyone other than this FLYNN guy.
Be nice dude as you have not yet even gone thru a school let alone paid any dues in the field.
Okay but I am simply tryin' to find out some info on diving school vs Navy diver school and some guy calls me retarded for not sifting thru YEARS of forum threads....sry I HAVE A LIFE! IM in college, full time, and simply trying to find out more info.
Micah, truth is unless you have a burning desire to be a diver don't waste your time. But if it is your lifes' ambition it is in the end only a decision only you can make regards dive schools. If you go navy you would still have to go to dive school., I'd only suggest you pick a school with IMCA, DCBC, or HSE endorsement (listed on their sites) as thats the way of the future. Be aware of ancillary certs you must have - like OPITO offshore safety and survival either tropical or northern, TWIC for American ports access, and I suspect DP11 cla**** in the near future, etc. To compete with the 6000 other new divers- possibly mechanical, hydraulic, welder/fabricator, ndt, engineering skills. You must have an edge on the competition, luck and being in the right place right time is too iffy. good luck anyway-bill
ps-don't skim thru the older threads at your peril, good advice is sometimes inconvenient.
Ok Flynn I now understand what you mean and feel ya and I have been awol in Arlington, Texas for a family wedding it was to get back to the mother land and I look forward to doing something there (Gulf)this season although I have no idea yet what or where that may end up being.

How are you doing Flynn ?
I know a little about 'special programs' in the Navy. The Navy diver program isn't easy to get. No matter what you are told...IT'S NEVER GUARANTEED IN YOUR CONTRACT. My suggestion is that you contact the Dive Motivators and ask them your questions. One last thing...You won't see a dime of that 25k until you successfully negotiate Navy dive school. Check out the navy recruiting website for the dive motivator phone number or check the Naval Special Warfare site to see if it's there. Good luck
I was trained in a commercial diving school. Instructors included Ex-Navy Master Divers, Ex-Army Master Divers, Oil Rig Divers and Inland divers. I have found all have strengths, and all have weaknesses. you take the best from them and forget the worst. The only thing you can do is try to get the most out of the instructors and ask questions. Its not the same to f*** up on a test because you didnt ask questions than when your in the field and theres a diver in the water. your main concern should be to learn as much as you can, be the best Diver/Tender you can be so that you all can go home safe. Thats my 2 cents worth, keep the change, lol.
Yes indeed Mike!!!
Mike says in a sentence what took me a paragraph. Touche mon frere. je parle un peu francais aussi.
What ? Transalation please .


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