Hello Everybody,

I am wondering what people opinions are on these two options.
Going to the Navy they pay you $25k to go to Dive school
At CDA I would be paying $25k.

Can I get some feedback on this.

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My personel belief is if your only joining to get a free handout dont! if your going to join and fight for your country go for it! If all you want is to go to dive school spend your own money not mine!

Chuck Bonner
Easy Mr. Chuck the Navy dosent give anything away especialy Navy Dive School you have to earn your everyday pay. None of the services just have people standing around doing nothing. Your a man with Military service as I understand it like me and I am sure they had something for you to do everyday for what ever they paid you at the time didnt they comrad ?
So if they will take you and you can qualify do it its a good start and good experience once your a Navy Diver or Army Diver you will be one for life. Many things to consider today like should I get a International Certification or what,etc. Good luck which ever route you take.
Ace I agree you will earn it I just disagree with the thought of people getting into the military "Just to get an education" then bailing out first avalible chance. I saw it happen many times while I was in. And nothing pissed me more off than to train a person to topnoch performance for them not even care about severving thier country and bail out.
Yea Chuck me too however thats how it is structured and besides in Civillian life a diver can leave anytime he wants to and/or the employer can let him go at anytime soooo what ya going to do. At least they have stepped up to serve their Country.
Very true Im just still stuck in the oldschool days.
Thats a good thing most of the time.
That's right chuck! no free rides see you soon
I see your point. But what I am really looking for are the pro's and con's to both options.
Navy: your going to get the basics but in a more regimented way Not saying that all navy divers are bad! but what Ive have found over the years in this game is most not all but most lack the mechanical side of things But one thing for sure if there is a EX navy diver running the dive the likley hood of you getting hurt or bent is slim to none based from thier training. Something to take note of is military diving versis commertail diving are two different cans of worms. but the basics are the same. Commercail schools They just want your money! and teach you the basics dont buy into all the add on courses the likleyhood of you using them in the near future after grad is slim to none then most likley you will be sent to a school by the company for that training. You also need to look at all the schools avalible as some are good and bad In other words make sure your getting your bang for your buck! hope this helps Good luck and rememder your only a tender no matter what route you take! until you prove your abilities!
Ok I have a few monents " not saying all Navy divers are bad" well having served as a Navy Diver myself for 8 years and having also been thru a Commercial diving school I have a few comments for both sides of the field.
With that said out in the field your going to run into guys from both sides of the fields that you wonder if they ever went thru any school at all. I have known some awesome Navy divers and some that I had to ask them if they really went thru the same school at all. On the commercial side of things also known some that are awesome and many who are just taking up the good air that God gave us. So it in my opinion depends on the persons drive, committment and ability to stick with it and keep educating them selves.
Often times guys on the jobs I go out on cant believe an old school guy my age is still showing up to go diving well I enjoy it more now than ever and I want to go out there to do my best and it is in my blood. Mind over matter if you dont mind it dosent matter.
One of my boyhood dive heros E.R. Cross had a sign in his office that said "A true professional has the enthusium of an amature" Interesting hun. Dive on- Hooyah !
Good luck in what ever decision you make you will also need some kind of a trade like a mechanic, welder.NDT,plus some computer skills, etc.
Ok Micah,
Pros of Military
Free training, continued employment, sometimes re enlistment bonus, your on the team,you will be viewed as a former Navy,Army diver for life. vet benifits, college benefits, free travel to war zones. 30 days a year vacation, free medical, free bs 24/7/365,great physical training. Paid every 2 weeks., all dive gear and travel provided for you. always something planned for you to do plus retirement program.
Cons .
You cant just quit no matter how much some of your assignments and deployments may suck and they will from time to time. You have a diffrent mission than your civillian counter parts so you cant really compare them other than you both do diving. Being stuck with some people you wont care for weather its their values, personalitys or what ever. You cant just quit,doing things you dont want to and being directed by others 24/7/365.

Civillian Diving
Good pay when your working when and if theres work and your considered a team mate.


Infrequent work schedules, having to buy your own gear, cost of travel and no retirement unless your in a trade union. Many jobs are short in duration.


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