National University Polytechnic Institute has a fully accredited Commercial Dive Program!

I am an instructor at National University and am here to answer questions and raise awareness of the Commercial Dive Program.

First, a little history- 

National University Polytechnic Institute was established in 1967 as the Commercial Diving Center.  In 1981 it was purchased by Oceaneering International and renamed College of Oceaneering.  Then, in 2001, National University purchased the college, renamed it National University Polytechnic Institute, and moved the school to San Diego, California. 

National University Polytechnic Institute (a nonprofit institution) has a fully accredited Commercial Dive Program. The Commercial Diving Program, offers two specialties for you to choose from focusing on either Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine (DMT) or Underwater Inspection Technology (NDT).  Regardless of which specialty you choose, all students are trained to the American Welding Society's (AWS) underwater welding code.  Also, since National University is a regionally accredited institution; your credits will hold academic weight for use at other institutions. This also provides our students with the ability to receive the full amount of Veteran’s and Federal Financial Aid benefits that they qualify for.  All questions can be answered by calling the toll free number, (800) 432-3483.  If after hours, please leave a message and they will get back to you.

I will try to field as many questions as I can here, so let em fly!

See what the ADCI had to say regarding commercial diver training:

You can also check us out on:



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Do you teach knots, how to prime a jet pump, diffrent fitting sizes and types, how to run a chamber, how to teld a hose for 12 hours a day, not quit it two months because people are mean when your new red hats are not diving, how to wet splice coms and welding leads, not have phones to internet for weeks on end, bad food, and no ones caring if they get butt hurt out on the job?

good call man!

Bad Food? You must be on a vessel lol!

I am currently a student at NUPI and we learn everything you mentioned above, minus the "not have phones to internet for weeks on end, bad food...". The majority of students is prior military so that shouldn't be a problem.

Nope,they wait until they get out here~

Right!!!! Then quit two months into it.  Its not the dream the school house sold them to say the least.

come on Martinez, nothing on these questions?

Good morning from NUPI!

Yea good morning "SUCKERs"

I hope they enjoy the holiday brake, Im heading offshore tomorrow for the next four to six weeks, I bet the school does not tell them that we get NO time off for holidays and they don't mean a thing when the client wants work done.

As mentioned before the majority of us are prior military, we're used to it. They do mention it, now stop being a catty women and get to work.


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