National University has a fully accredited Commercial Dive School!

I am an instructor at National University and am here to answer questions and raise awareness of our Commercial Dive Program!

Did you know that National University Polytechnic Institute has a fully accredited Commercial Dive Program?  With their certifications you will be able to step into an exciting career in the commercial diving industry! The Commercial Diving Program, offers two specialties for you to choose from focusing on either Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine (DMT) or Underwater Inspection Technology (NDT).  Regardless of which specialty you choose, all students are trained to the American Welding Society's underwater welding code (AWS).  Also, since National University is a regionally accredited institution; your credits will hold academic weight for use at other institutions. This also provides our students with the ability to receive the full amount of Veteran’s and Federal Financial Aid benefits that they qualify for.  All questions can be answered by calling the toll free number, (800) 432-3483.  If after hours, please leave a message and they will get back to you.

I will try to field as many questions as I can on here also!  Let em fly!

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On one side I appreciate what you have said here however consider several things. No one is going to take their time and money to train you or any other person. If one wants "Free" training they could go be a Navy or Army  diver but one has to qualify for it and pay a lot of sweat equity for the "Free" training. Almost forgot you could go to jail and if you could again qualify go thru the Chino Prison Diver training but your going to be living in a cell when not training and here's the big one working your ass off learning to become a commercial diver for a year or more, talk about sweat equity that's big time sweat equity for "Free" training.

Ok so back to the age old question even I asked myself over 50 yrs ago "How does one get the opportunity to become a commercial diver?"  One has to go to school some where some how. In 1967 it costs $1250. now somewhere around $!6,000 to $25,000. unless of course you go to Africa or somewhere else. So it has actually cost me $50. a year for the training I received back in 1967. Todays cost at $25,000 for a 50 year career would be $500. a year in todays money plus all the expensive gear you will need to show up as a diver. End result its all money this is not a sport and the same with welding one can not turn on a welding machine like it's a sport or just on friendship-it's all money.

The choice is ours. Good luck and enjoy your career. I sure have enjoyed mine. ;)


Any one can hate and complain so what would you willing to do to make things better ? Some divers are in the Military and actually trying to make things better. Todays population does have it better in a lot of ways and not in others.

If you think you hate the President wait till they re enact the draft  and  are looking at all younger people to serve our Country for World War 3. You won't have to worry about the cost of goods and inflation because Our Nation will be supplying everything you need even a steady job.

But Nicholas before I piss you off and I don't mean too  here as we are talking about differences of opinion  and prospective her. We don't have to travel very far outside of our own Country to see and realize that as Americans we do have a lot more going for us than many Country's do. And yea it does have a lot of flaws that need fixing and it takes a lot of work by many to keep it  pointed in a good direction.

Thank you for listening from just one guy who also shares some of your views and still has an attitude about being drafted out of a dive school and sent to Vietnam-best part was able to survive to enjoy somewhere around 50 yrs in this profession. It's not all pretty. Good luck buddy. These are tuff times think about how tuff it would be serving in Iraq or that area. My hat's off to those guys-God Bless America we need all the help we can get. Hooyah!




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