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Sorry its been so long since Ive been up , for those of you who know me, YES, I started this Group on Linkedin  ( copy and paste it in your browser. Its kind of a registry so that I can send info out to everyone at once. This C.F.R. debate is not only going on here. Divers in other countries are wondering why a US based Trade Association would try to establish a presence in other countries. DIvers every where are feeling the knee knockers where ever the ADC fly's its flag in the name of Diver safery (the first thing that happens is wages go out the door)I Just read the "Presidents page " in Underwater this month. you would all get a laugh, he says that we DONT GET IT - Now hear this, we do get it. and we do not like it. We as a group need to protect our industry before big business finishes it off. If we sit on our buts, The chinese will be diving her next year, and there will not be any American divers left. Get it I pray you do. "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely........

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Butt......This will only work if the divers who are out their are making the decisions. Once parliment runs the show were back where we started. You really have a good thing going here...Hope it dont get f***ed up. Example; we should regulate the education of new divers, and regulate the cost... so a******s, you know who you are dont continue getting rich of youngsters dreams. Also along with helpin our own out we should rally for money that and grants that push deep and exploritory men and women. As divers we should appreciate the fact that we have al9ot too see under our seas...

You cannot keep a fool from sticking his hand in a fire, when they know it burns, but you can put warning signs out so that he can't say he wasn't warned. Cost for some people (with money to throw away) look at the higher price tag as "Better education. My education (in the beginning) was free and I got paid to learn! Lobbying is for politicians, we are divers. Leave the lobbting to those good at it. Just keep your heads up and ring your congressmans phone until you get results. Wages and using green divers to force out experience should be stopped I agree, but when divers cry instead of scream, we lose more and more ground.


Guys there's just one tiny thing...NAWD?

"Hi I'm Diva and I'm a NAWD (pronounced naughty) diver."

Y'all do want the powers that be to take you seriously, right? Just food for thought.
Actually I was thinking more along the lines of a delegation of divers going to the CFRs revision committee meetings with the intent
of addressing the committee and the USCG chairman announcing "the chair recognizes the NAWD (naughdy) divers" or "all in favor of the the naughdy divers motion..."

The issues the group has are real, legit and deserve to be addressed as such. My concern is that with that acronym, the snickers and jokes will be used as a distractor by those that entities that don't want the divers to be heard.

valid point Diva .It could happen that way . I saw it as sounding like "nod" The name could change. But the purpose has to be to make a difference. As you said a delegation of divers at the CFR's with a motion. We have to have a plan on how to get to that point and beyond .

Nawd as in nawing on the empty leather in our wallets while the ASSOCIATION gets rich off of our labor and experience.

Call me and I will explain it or get up with me on facebook.

Divers standing together for one purpose, letting the coast guard and other decision makers know that the ADCI is an association of CONTRACTORS interested in Profit, using safety as a sellingpiont to control OUR craft. According to the USCG and several other Government contacts, the ADC's title of "Governing Body" is self made and not thru any actual Government appointment. In the eyes of the coast guard, we the divers are the real stake holders in this industry. They want to hear from each of us (professionally) regarding our opinions on the New CFR's ( not the package the ADC is wanting us to comment on. THe posting is technically illegal.

THe New CFR's have not even been written yet. By participating in the ADC's review, you are actually silencing your own individual vioce by allowing the ADC to speak for you. (The Consensus) we do not all agree with the ADC, thus we must submit our queries and "professional concerns" to the USCG directly in order to be notified when the REAL CFR's become open for comment. THe door to change has been opened for us. by the US CG.

Don't even get me started on ADC

Ill sign up....But we have to be recognized as a ligitimate orginization....????

I hate the ADC, hell,  Ive worked for most of the peaple on the comitee..sorry my spelling is bad. COUSE IM F***ING NT HAPPY, SO IM DRINKING. But id love to see a orginization that is sponsered by commercial divers and not company owners........Lets play

wE ARE ALL DIVERS, but unfortunately because of the ADC, we had to become business owners to keep our bills paid. I would love to close my web site and retire to employment for the 6th time in 30 years, Not all businesses are bad, but if you dont dive, you have no business getting involved in diving issues.


"Getting things is taking time and pocket money that is tight, but I am working on it as hard as possible. The main thing is to get everyone to stand up and speak for them selves when the Coast Guard does put the new CFR out for review. Standing together, also means standing up and not standing down when threats get made or BS comments are made against groups or individuals that try (which is more than some have done in the past) to get the word out to as many as possible.


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