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Sorry its been so long since Ive been up , for those of you who know me, YES, I started this Group on Linkedin  ( copy and paste it in your browser. Its kind of a registry so that I can send info out to everyone at once. This C.F.R. debate is not only going on here. Divers in other countries are wondering why a US based Trade Association would try to establish a presence in other countries. DIvers every where are feeling the knee knockers where ever the ADC fly's its flag in the name of Diver safery (the first thing that happens is wages go out the door)I Just read the "Presidents page " in Underwater this month. you would all get a laugh, he says that we DONT GET IT - Now hear this, we do get it. and we do not like it. We as a group need to protect our industry before big business finishes it off. If we sit on our buts, The chinese will be diving her next year, and there will not be any American divers left. Get it I pray you do. "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely........

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As in ADCI I being for International.
They are making it happen, China is on board, and there are others. Safety is a big issue, we all care about it, but they are using it to profit off of new meat, and to drop the old wages. Burger King pays better right now, they are turning our craft into a disposable work force..
Jerry I see that too big boys sucking up every job they can end result working man gets screwed in wages and becomes a slave to all. They turn it into Wallmart China and we let them do it to us.
Heres the deal drop wages to where its not an real living wage so it lowers the work force that will show up. Then complane to Gov. officials you dont have enough qualified help and have to import cheaper foreign labor=Game over! What next a civil wage war ? Oh I almost forgot its another World war for control of natural resources-sick! I love being a diver!
Thank God others are able to see these potentials too.
Hey Blaine, havent seen you on lately, but then again, I havent had much air time lately! Glad you see our point.
Men Fear what they do not understand. The ADC has been holding the ropes for so long, that most of these guys don't remember what it was like when the Divers called the shots!
Whose your friend ? Check out what the ADCI MF'ers have done to dive physical forms for 2011 it looks like to me they have done everything to eliminate anyone with a ear squeeze they can. Punch up ADCI and take a look. Did they ask divers ? Hell know. Who is your friend now ? bumblers arent you glad you paid a small fortune to be a DIVER. I LOVE BEING A DIVER.
Here is the kicker boys.
The prevailing wage for federal projects reflect the current accepted rates of pay in the industry. that means if pay rates are low in the industry then the Feds will re-evaluate prevailing wage to what is being paid.
That my boys is the real reason companies are seeking to lower pay rates to subsistance income.
This pay deal and divers not holding out for what divers are really worth has been going on for years, that is since that F-ing Frenchman brought SCUBA here.
Example San Francisco union diver stands in front of my desk reading me the union rules and wage rates (which I helped to establish ) demanding his rights. The next day the same ass h*** is working for a non-union outfit for 1/3 the pay.
So much for soladarity.
Look what happened to the Federal Air Traffic Control Guys. they stood up and said we want more money and better conditions.
Well they were all s*** canned and banned from ever working again in a control tower.
get use to having your head on the chopping block. because the diver pal of yours who said F-k everyone but you and me, will F-k you when your gone.
Slack my hose, Im gonna crawl up into this pipe and take a snooze.

The reason why I joined Nawd is because it was started by a Diver to address Diver issues. I believe that the public perception is that divers make lots of money for a dangerous job. We know that is not the case. We know the people who do this job do it because they love it. I wish all divers regardless of their nation or anything else would join this organization or form one like it. Once the numbers get over a few hundred we need to lobby for the regulation changes and even laws that make it better for Divers long after our days are done. I don't believe we will make much of a difference any other way than numbers ( solidarity) and using those numbers to push for the change we want in regs. & labor laws first. I  think this forum is a vehicle for that as long as we don't become barking dogs. Complain (bark)and then go back in the dog house. It costs us little to nothing to put in a small continuous effort .

There should be a sticky thread at the top of this forum with the issues U.S divers need addressed .Once a year or maybe more a letter should be drafted and sent to the Coast Guard,State  reps, Congressmen, Senators saying that this ORG. Representing X# of divers with x# of active members has agreed that these  are the most important issues we face in our industry and we want changed.

The same thing can be done globally .But we have to work  in each of our own corners of the world.unless we don't care whether divers will continue to be treated like toilet paper.

Finally a diver with balls...Im in.....OOOORRRAHH


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