hello my name is ben I am a 7 year army combat vet. I deployed to iraq in 07-08 I have also been to kwajalin and palau. I got my rec diver cert from padi while in palau in 2010 I will be attending cda. after my time in the army is done next apr. I look forward to a long career in diving. if you wanna add me as a friend I would be thankful any knowlage you can share with me will be a blessing. thanks for your time in reading this


                              spc/p Gilbert, Benjamin R. USA

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Your VA benifits will cover everything including ALL personal Gear!
on a guesstimation how much does everything cost. as far as gear that is.

Gear, look to aquire a Good 3-7 mm Crushed Neo Dry Suit or a Tri lam Shell with an extreme cold Liner ($200-$3500) 

Hat ($4500-$7800)

Wet Suit 3-5 mm ($250 -  $1000.)  

Weights / Bailout and harness, $800.

Most schools sell all this stuff just make sure you choose what you prefer,if they dont have it the VA will get it for you.


Yeah man. If you have over 30% disability through the VA you can apply for Vocational Rehabilitation.  They will pay for dive school, give you a stipend, pay for your gear, and HAT. In fact, tomorow I go to pick up my brand spanking new 37ss. Bro you served your country and your country will take care of you.

My gear & my 37 was paid by VA I am considered or classed as 30% special disabled (what ever that means) the VA actually tried to talk me into retiring 100 % medical all I wanted was to go back to work....


I had never said I was broke though I have a few issues but the point in that is if you are broke to a point that you cant work at all you most likely are not going into diving sounds like you have a bit of hate towards combat vets with injuries they got protecting your fredoms. Maybe I didn't read it the way you ment though so I will give you that credit

Disability ranking and personal attitude make the difference in every aspect of the word "DISABLED" too many people would rather live off of the system than work. The ADA is the reason for the disability question. It is by law the only time the word can be used on an application and only to allow the employer to know that this is a Vet or an individual who has proven he/she can do the work. My adventure was by no means easy, but I had to have that stupid card to go back to work for friends in this business. I've been at this for years. I severly injured my leg in the military and my back in a shipyard accident years ago. So first I had to prove I could hack it.BUt in reality A person should be looking to move up the food chain especially in this business so when your body gives out, your experience will become a key part of deck operations. In essence you become the one green hands learn from- you have become the master.... As far as training those benifits are for life.

Civilian and military disability ratings differ in that to get civilian benefits you need to be nearly dead, or a doc**ented mental case to get paid.

Not all disabilities are physical man......

This is very true, and another reason for the ADA law. As long as you answer honest and can prove your "Rated Disability" will not prevent you from producing.


you will be just fine unless you are f***ing crazy then no you will not get a job you served your country and that is not looked down on. Get all you can out of the VA services.


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