Has anyone ever took a iPod or other mp3 player on a dive in their hat?

I was thinking of rigging up a little device with a iPod so I can have something to listen to. I was thinking a iPod shuffle with a shortened headphone line with the new volume adjuster piece. 

Any ideas?? 

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Yea that sure comes to my mind=old ones and bold ones A .
how about the back ground music for JAWs and be sure you wear lots of brite chrome.
F'n priceless Fred you can most likely hear me laughing away out here, hahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahha F'n priceless I say.
You need to concentrate on you job when your in th water..I cant say music would be nice if im burnin of cans on pier piles at 20 ft. Stay inland if thats whats important to ya
Of course Russ offshore its way too dangerous you have way too many life potiental threating things going on.
Ipod Shuffle rules!!!

My top 5 UW;

1. QOTSA "Rated R"
2. The Wrestler Soundtrack (good for broco)
3. The Raconteurs "Broken Boy Soldiers"
4. Joy Division "Peel Sessions"
5. Foo Fighters "In your honor"
los unicos sonidos que yo oigo cuando estoy buceando, son los de la consola(radio de buceo) en la superficie y las pulsasiones de mi corazon. no lo sigas pensando, saludos. im sorry i not speak enghlis
we used to use music to get into the swing of things when doing brain numming tasks like manually move rocks around diffusers on the pipe etc and when needing to say something over comms just unplug from the comms box which worked a treat but have also heard a suggestion of puting the iphone etc into standbys hat when wired up on 4wire altho if standby is jumped its most likely gunna be dropped out and fallen overboard as the helmet is tipped upright
It works great as the boys are saying for shallow water with longggggg ass bottom times, we have a set up for our combox that is a bannana plug that piggys onto the diver one plugs, and then the rack operator runs the i pod, that way if you need to stop the tunes, he can or change track or volume control or W/E... i know its a f***ing lifesave when your doing 5 hours of dredging and jetting in 8 feet of H2O.....


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