I just fielded another email from a guy asking about a career in commercial diving; he's getting ready to shell out almost $19K for dive school training, and the guy is 45 years old.

Just in case he's still "thinking about it" after reading my response,  (where I accused the dive school salesman of fraud), would any of you folks care to throw in their opinions?

International viewpoints welcomed, the lad is in Australia.

Please be blunt!

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way too old to start diving

Never to old to pursue a dream or accomplish a goal. I ve been in this game for more than 28 years, I went to and graduated a "SKOOL" in 2009. It was another experience.....Especially since the VA has me listed as 30% + Special Disabled. I can still out think and out work any 20-40 something Hand or SUP in this business.....Because I believe in myself, not the doubt of self others.

Never block the hopes of others with arrogant opinions, your dreams may be some ones folly one day.

You are NEVER too OLD or YOUNG to learn if you are, sell your gear and apply for SOC SEC....

The diving industry is s*** these days. For that kinda money ur better off going to a good combo welding school and really focus on pipe welding. Learn it, master it, and you will never go hungry. Even better if u can afford to purchase your own rig. Economy is really bad, and the BP spill just about put alot of these guys outta house and home. Especially when they really dont have a good trade to fall back on. Trust me, this industry is not all its cracked up to be.

All skills lead to the water, some even luxury! Way to go!

I had 2 guys on my course that where about that age both are now working one is working on a discovery video offshore earning $650 AUD a day if thats what he wants to do good luck to him.
He will do just fine here in australia there are plenty of jobs for those who want to work.
If he wants a job straight out of school get him to message me i can probably put him in contact with a few people chasing onshore divers.

Dang, are there any slots open for inshore divers that are 60+ years old?

I can probably lie my way through a physical if they don't take any X-rays or start poking around with pins.

Well Ausies are different and is their industry I guess. Inshore here isn't too bad Underwater constructors out of Tenn is steady ad are others that I know.

WHere are you at? US UK?

What is the rate of pay currently like in Australia... and is there any variety with jobs on offer?. I'd rather stay close to home if I can and am currently fine-tuning my engineering and welding topside before I look at study and breakout but curious to know what is currently going.

Sorry been a bit busy, there is work everywhere in aus fish farms always have work some even pay for flights for New Zealanders, it isn't the best work but it gets you bottom time. from that you really need to be a contractor with a ABN best places are in sydney and perth, rates in perth start at 250 - 450 a day and more if you go up north, then offshore rates have just gone up to around $1500 a day but it is a bit harder to land a job like that early on. 

Are there really a lot of jobs there? Id love to get a job there

Way too old to start tell him to buy a Harley and hang around biker bars getting drunk he will have more fun.  I have another young fella here who wants to be a diver, I look back over 30 plus years of diving and can honestly say I doubt there will be much of an oilfiled left in another 30 years.

At this point I would look at offshore oil field work and just take this business 5 years at a time anyone getting started will have to be prepared to get out in say 5-7 years if the industry nose dives again like it has twice already


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