I just fielded another email from a guy asking about a career in commercial diving; he's getting ready to shell out almost $19K for dive school training, and the guy is 45 years old.

Just in case he's still "thinking about it" after reading my response,  (where I accused the dive school salesman of fraud), would any of you folks care to throw in their opinions?

International viewpoints welcomed, the lad is in Australia.

Please be blunt!

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How young are you?

Never to old to pursue a dream or accomplish a goal. I ve been in this game for more than 28 years, I went to and graduated a "SKOOL" in 2009. It was another experience.....Especially since the VA has me listed as 30% + Special Disabled. I can still out think and out work any 20-40 something Hand or SUP in this business.....Because I believe in myself, not the doubt of self others.

Never block the hopes of others with arrogant opinions, your dreams may be some ones folly one day.

You are NEVER too OLD or YOUNG to learn if you are, sell your gear and apply for SOC SEC....

Dive Schools Cannot I repeat cannot!!!!! Certify Divers ( YET) That title is earned sometimes with blood, it is like respect, it is earned not freely given. Newbies are like freshly sheared sheep, ( not to be assanine) Wake up kids, this business is a lifestyle, a journey, an experience. You cannot run to walmart and buy a set of skills, you can buy books and information - Donning a Desco, a Gorski or a Morgan, doesnot make you a diver regardless of how much you pay to attend school you will still be a red hat when you graduate and the lowest tadpole in the food chain. Respect ( like titles boys and girls) is EARNED because others lives depend on your ability to grasp that their lives are in your hands......... Dont feel beated, get educated before you pay for free information.


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