Has anybody worked with them or can anybody can give me any info on the company other than that provided by thier web page?

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thats the same thing that i wants to know about MOFFSHOER DREDGING???

i request all my friends to please write down what you know about this nigerian company?

thanks and dive safely

looks like a load of horse s*** to me...just look who owns the site...

some "Dr Bode Bassey" in california... something fishy goin' on I think...judge for yourself...


Respect for those who call them as they see'em-stand up guys.
please see this contract, it is b*******, the only thing that I am worry about is the fact that they have my contact details!

Hi Sebastian. I think as long as they have no account details or passport number it's ok. BTW I got a reply from the company from a certain "Williams Okon". When I googled his name it appeared in connection with fraud money schemes.


I think MOFFSHOER is actually, M(ugg) OFFSHORE!
Ya I responded to that ad and got this realy wired app in responce did anybody get the same thing.
I got a contract through, looks a bit too good to be true,.......and it usualy is. if anyone gets anymore information on this company could they post it........trust this to come up when i could really be doing with a job..

hi guys,got a reply from this company,saying that i have cleared the screening proccess,and now before they could start my paper work,they want my NIGERIAN TAX CERTIFICATE.thats a s*** man,i think its a 100% scam no more than this.


also they are asking for a 10% money of the travel expence to be paid first before we can travel...

i request plz dont send a single penny to their account.......................


plz keep updated about this company

Just another Nigerian scam.

If there not highj****** ships there running computor scams for IDs and bank account #s.


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