I was in Divers supply gretna and they wont sell the clasp by itself . I remember a different one but didnt see it in the store. Any body got a sugesstion?

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@ Diva-----When you sell something that lasts longer than the diver that bought it . You charge a little more for it even tho the some of the parts & labor doesn't come any where close to the cost. I understand that as a business person. It's part of staying in business. But I think they may have a company culture of "ugly ways" to protect market share which has created a virtual monopoly .That gives them a bad image with the little guy
thats a very nice set up .I have the same buckle just plastic. I wanted to add shoulder straps & a different buckle ..Thanks for the pics
The old Navy MK-12 dress had pockets on the hips, thighs and calfs in which the weights were placed, rather then a weight belt.
The MK-12 wasn't heavy dress, the original MK-12 helmet circa 1984,was patterned on the Swindell fiberglass helmet. The Navy quietly did away with that helmet and went to the KM SL. A few years later they got a little dyslexic and the MK-12 morphed into the MK-21. The MK-12 looked kinda like coveralls, it was distinctive - blue with a wide yellow stripe.

But my point was that the Navy used weights on the legs 25+ yrs ago. So the idea is public domain, no copyright/trademark issues etc.
If memory serves the MK-12 initially was designed be used with either the Posideon uni-suit or a Henderson drysuit. The blue and yellow coveralls were functional and provided a distinct USN diver uniform. Only Navy divers used these coveralls. Later Viking built a suit specifically for the MK-12 system.

The helmet was quietly phased out after a mishap in Jan 1982 apparently the exhaust valve froze open in icy water. Millions of dollars of the taxpayers money was spent on the MK-12.
The US Diver recall was before that, about 1977? And had to do with a defective clamp ring that caused unseating of the second stage regulator diaphram. That caused the regulator to flood and cut off the diver's air flow.
The Florida Palm 90 crash into the Potomac River was indeed the incident I was referring to regarding the original MK-12 helmet. However the Army went the only ones involved. Besides the civies that initially responded to the incident, Army divers and USCG divers also participated. They wore the safety orange coveralls and the Army divers were using the SL though it wasn't military issue at that time. The Navy did return the next day and continue with salvaging ops using SL not MK-12 helmets.
Better jump on that one quick.
no i just wanted the buckle .Thanks.. May God make it easy for him
You have to make a wood model of the item for impression into the sand casting.
You then make a sand box sized to fit the item.
You will also have to get casting sand to put in the box.
make sand impression of item then pour bronze or aluminum into the mold.
let cool and break sand casting from mold.
Or make proto type and get a casting outfit to make up a quanity for you.
You can make the proto type from cold casting epoxy.
there are a few videos on youtube


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