I was in Divers supply gretna and they wont sell the clasp by itself . I remember a different one but didnt see it in the store. Any body got a sugesstion?

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Make your own weights if you can.
Blaine on the buckle check life saving supply I think you may be able to get one there-call them Monday if not there call Jack Villias dive supply in Morgan city.
Tire shops often keep their used tire weights, ( made of lead), u can probably get them for nothing
"dive diva" posted some time back;

the "miller buckle" is a COPY of a military buckle from the 1920's or 30's{if I recall], ask her to re post the information.

See the following URL;


Look at the "SEAT BELT QUICK RELEASE" hardware, the is the design miller copied.

The design was around before Miller was born.
All great ideas . My weight belt is made of jet hose . I use a scuba clasp now but wanted to change .
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Blaine Call Marty at Heavy Metal He has a line on them. I don t understand why DSI would not sell the buckle on its own as it is listed in thier catiloge Calll Jack Villas in Morgan City if Marty cant help out
Use stainless steel quick release buckle for race car drivers and used firehose. Blain, how do you crunch real jet hose enough to mount weights and buckle. You are probably using fire hose. If you are using real jet hose then you da man. Gen-3 helmets coming soon - now taking orders.
The answer to that should be obvious. KM doesn't want you to build your own wt belt they want you to buy theirs. So why are you surprised that Miller parts are going to be as tightly controlled? Once you control the supply and demand, then you can adjust the price as well.

FYI - Yes Ben used military surplus buckles originally. There are similar releases available for about $40, Joseph listed one supplier.

And DECA is owned by Bev and Connie Morgan, same as Miller Diving Equipment.
just called life saving Equipt and they have a cadium type quick release one for $30..


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