anybody know if a miller 400 reg will fit on a miller 200, i need a reg for my 200...

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no it won't fit
can i make it work, or do you know of anybody that has a 200 reg for sale
Contact "brasshat" {owner of offshorediver] he has a Custom Miller, a 400 reg on a 200 or 300 I do not recall{he post a long reply some time back on his site] He may be able to assist You. As He, has had it done by Ben Miller.

"Those who say thy can not, stand out of the way of those that have done it"
cheers bro
it will 2 different ways. both are a pain in the ass unless you pay a fab shop to do it.
1. If you still have your tilt valve regulator housing. Throw a superflow 350 in the housing upside down after modding the reg. housing for 1. the dial-a-death, 2. run a bronze bead inside for the diaphram seat (tilt rubber is smaller) 3. install exaust pipe on lower housing if you only have shell exausts.
2. A 400 regulator group in 2 different setups
1. install your shiny new reg (slight mod needed) upside down, relocate and braze on the regulator exaust to the "now" bottom side of you reg. housing, upsize your nonexistant "block that's on your left side and j-tube.
2. p and a your "block" thats on the left side now, install your "slightly modded" 400 right side up, buy a.... (miller block and air train and install where your free flow valve is now after drilling out the h*** bigger to fit new miller block) (KMDS "B" block and air train, A block's won't allow you to shut the ears, drill and cut air train to fit.
Easy as buttsex on prom night. Millers are bronze so you can braze what ever the f*** bronze crap you want on it. Look on my pics, I think i got my 200 up and look at my reg. It's a superflow wearing a tilt valve body. You still livin in a tent??
Think about having Marty modify it and cut out all the stress and strain he works on bronze helmets all the time. Just a thought. Good luck.
I was going to put a new regulator on my old Miller 300 with a tilt valve and at the time they wanted $550. plus a large delay time so it seemed like too much to put up with so I sold it to Jan Miller and it now sits in her "Ben Miller Museum" and I bought a Gorski I am pretty happy with it but I do miss the bronze hats but not all the bull messing around with getting parts. Try Marty and see what he says.


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