I have been working in the Middle East and Asia for the last few years as a project manager and sat superintendent. I like working in these areas and well take on any project thrown my way. I broke out as a bell diver in GOM in 1974. I have been kicking around the industry every since and am still having fun at it. I am alwasy looking for new and interesting things to do. I try to live and persue the four basic truths in life.
Faster horses
Older Whisky
younger women
More Money

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Hi Roger

I have my 3.1u and DMT and have previous offshore experience with both inspection and construction work. I have been working in offshore in the North sea and Malaysia and would like to work in the middle east but I haven't had much luck getting out there as yet. If you have any info my email is craineys@hotmail.com

Thanks Matt
HI, im a IMCA ALST from Jay Ray McDermott, I'm currently looking for work. It's a never ending chase at the moment.
If you can help pls contact me. I'm from London and I'm available at any time.
My email address is jonpaul23@live.com
read your post on the forum. myself shridhar gore from india pune(city near mumbai) have been working offshore for past 2 years but apperantely have been sitting at home for past 6 months ans would like to know if the company u are working for now has any openings of my interest. incase anything comes up my email id is shridhar_g@yahoo.com

Any openings in the middle east lately?
Hi im Madan frm Malaysia ,i am a air diver with DMT.I would like to get more information about working in the middle east and very kind of you informing about working information around thr .my e mail madan852003@yahoo.com.
Hi I am an ROV Pilot tech,Indian only.I know your into diving but I am new to the industry and doesnt have much contacts in this field,so can you please tell me whether I can find out a job there.I do have IMCA ROV certificates,medical and offshore survival.I hope you wil get back to me.Thanks.
hi there,
i am atul bahulkar from india.i am adas part 3 air diver and diver medic.i am working as a diver since 2006.would like to know more if you have any vacancies.my email id is bahulkar@yahoo.com or just give me call on +91-9822110008.best of luck.

thanking you,
atul bahulkar
hey there roger. nick from New Zealand here I'm Adas 3 certified not been in the industry to long , but have got pipeline experience and the such. work over here is like hens teeth and some outfits are just complete cowboys ha ha. any info you got on work anywhere would be great.


I worked in the Middle East for Hyudai HHI in Kuwait; 56" Pipelay
Dubai / Oman Riser Hook ups/ Spool Piece Replacement
Dubai--SBM Removal/ Inspection

10 Years in Asia/Pacific with Global, McDermott, Mermaids, and Sarku

Where is the work today?


Max M. Douglas

PS I wish to skip CCC Engineering ;
whats the pay scale? how long are the contracts for ie is it 2years and your stuck there, is it 6on 2off can go home see the rug rats?????

very interested to know heard to much crap from people not there,,, the straight would be nice to know thanks
let me no I'm all for it
HI Roger.
I have the desire to belong to an organization where I can have the opportunity to work, to feel part of it and where I´ll can grow in parallel with the company. I am available for work and travel everywhere exect USA for now, because I don´t have working visa yet but I need a chance i need a Sponsor to get it there or any where. my English is Medium but it better day by day with more practice, I sure I´ll do a good and safety jobs like when i was in the glof of Mexico doing a good diving... Get me a chance... Please.

Ender Fonseca.
58 424 6223263


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