Hi guys,am a fresh mechanical engineer considering a career in commercial diving,so i would if any body could tell me,if its possible to find a diving job that combines my mechanical engineering skills and which place is the best to start?? pz note i have no diving exp whatsoever.... thanks in advance...bye

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Hmmmm. Traditionally, Engineer-Divers come from a Civil Engineering background as the "niche" for this combination of skills is for structural inspection/ repair/ construction.

That being said, your ME talents would generally be useful in the industry-- most likely working with the "majors" or big companies that have a lot of specialized equipment. You may also want to explore Marine Engineering (e.g. ship systems and powerplant) and/or ROV and subsea systems (pipelines, valves, controls, etc.) A commercial diving education and background could be useful in these instances, but you may find that it puts your engineering career "on hold".

Another angle is the US Army Corps of Engineers (and some other agencies, but USACE is the only one that I can think of right now.) Apparently they have some in-house diving capability which is essentially staffed by machinists-- e.g. when not doing diving work, these personnel work as machinists-- both are part the operations group.


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