Does anyone dive Mark V's anymore? I met a couple of people in Florida this Spring that dove the Mark V's as a hobby. Are Mark V'ers now purely hobbiest?

Wild looking contraptions, but they sure don't seem to break down!

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There's John Durman and me about 6 years ago. There are guys still diving heavy gear.
"There are guys still diving heavy gear."

Who? Where? Recreation or for 'real' workign dives?

I remember seeing them used in some of the harbors in California and South America in the 80's and 90's. I am pretty sure that DIT still gives their students some dives with them which I think is a great idea. I got to try it a few times with Jim Boyd and his historical working group in Penn. It sure made me appreciate the gear we get to use today and gave me a ton of respect for the divers that used that gear and what they were able to get done with it!
We used them in the 80's for salvage of the Chevron Hawaii, and three benzene barges. Shell refinary, Houston Ship Channel.
It sounds like 'no', they aren't used anymore??

Thanks all.
Theres modified versions of the Mark V. Being used...Late 90's LA Harbor. Wade from American Marine, Ron Blackledge used them..If there still diving their using them.
Hey Shaun,

Thanks for the download, especially from someone who clearly knows his stuff!

Somewhat off topic: The few working divers I have talked to all seem to detest wearing the tupperware....yet they all do. What gives?
Because they don't know that they have options. HeavyMetalDivers and Gorski make excellent metal diving helmets.
So Shaun, what are you going to be diving from now on?

PS -> Not sure why I have heard so many bad comments on the tupperware.
No nobody at T&T uses one...But we have a chinese hat that looks like one. But its the ops mgr. And Im sure RB doesnt dive anymore. I was refering to 96,97
american marine in L.A. harbor uses heavy gear to this day. for working on piers and driving pile or working on the bottom there is nothing better.
If anyone would like to try put a MkV, join the Northeast Diving Equipment Historical Group at Dutch Springs, near Bethlehem, Pa., on the Labor Day Weekend. There is no charge beyond the standard park admission. For details and hundreds of photos, see

Jim Boyd


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