My Grandfather told me years ago that in order to get a raise at work I should first make more money for the employer in order for the employer to have the money to give to me. A raise is a gift that is only deserved by going above and beyond the call of duty. Any other way of getting a raise is extortion and wrong.
We are all right now hurting for money, both companies and employees. It is not going to improve soon. My suggestion that we do industrywide is this. We all individually or together go into the office of each of our respective companies and tell them that we all are willing to voluntarily take a $5 reduction in pay for 4 months so that they can lower their prices in order to get work.
I did that years ago with a company I worked for and ended up getting a bigger raise than I ever expected when things got back to normal and at the end of the year made more money than if things stayed at the norm.
Let's pass the word around and consider it.

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Sounds great however just wondering who is really working today? In this industry it has taken many many years for wages to reach the level they have been in the last 4 or 5 years. Over the years the wages in the offshore diving industry have and had been just terrible before the Hurricanes. You like me have seen many ups and down in this industry that the new comers are not really aware of but they are starting to learn of that now the hard way like we did.
Presently we in the US are under attack for the very standards of living we enjoy and have taken for granted thats right we are under attack. Every time a job goes out and does not include a decent standard of pay we all lose. We lose vacations, medical benefits,retirement is like a joke and so on and its a big trickle down effect and our families suffer. It costs money for us to maintain our standards
meanwhile other countries rush in with their lower price labor and come running here to suck up what we consider low paying jobs. On top of all of this our politicians cant give our money away fast enough
and do nothing to keep our manufacturing here in our Country. We all need help here.
Ace I have to agree-in the Middle East air day rates are taking a s*** kicking and sat rates are starting to fizzle already. I understand your strategy Marty but I think they have us by the short and curlies for a while. Keep looking for options Marty-at least somebody is thinking about it.
all of this talk about how wages are s***ty in the civilian side of diving are really making me re consider going to school for it. Someone please tell me if i am doing the wrong thing. I have a wife and two kids and it has been extremely hard to make it this far. I dont want to take this career and find out i wont be making money.
Marty have to agree with Mike here Its not the dive companies its the client looking for the cheap way out let the fly by hurricane companies take the cheap s*** as WE the Proffesionals will just come behind them to fix thier F ups at a greater price why should we take a cut "just to get work" when we havent even got the wages where they should be?
Holy God Almighty! Its about time some one make sense of this all after all this is not a race to the financial bottom of the barrel to see who can become bankrupt first. Wow-old school thinking in the new school world. Outstanding Mr. Chuck Bonner.


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