Im a tender in the GOM and was wondering where and how to get my IMCA cert to work overseas. Will my ADC be recognized at all, or will i have to go through all the schooling again. Im just kinda feelin this wh*** thing out still so any info will be helpful. Thanx

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Probably the easiest way into IMCA for you is to get a DCBC cert.
(Diver Certification Board of Canada) This certification is recognized by IMCA. There are two, to my knowledge, dive schools that you can get this cert. from here in the USA: Commercial Diving Academy in Florida and Divers Institute of Technology in Washington, both have pretty fair web sites. Cheers, Kirk
Is that cert good enough to get any job overseas? I guess i went to the wrong school, i went to Divers Academy in New Jersey. I dont really wanna go to dive school all over again so i need something that will recognize my ADC and just get any additional training.
IMCA does recognize DCBC certs. so for the most part there's no problems. Also I don't think there are any wrong schools, some may be better than others and have different cert. programs, but when it comes right down to it, it's the individual that makes the difference. So you'll need to get an a****ment for the work you've done (dives). Either of the schools I mentioned can do this (Ralph at DIT or Dave at CDA); if you look to the right on this screen you should see CDA's advert. Good Luck Cheers, Kirk
I believe a couple of US schools are now recognised by IMCA. You would be best contacting IMCA's certification scheme administrator, Genine daCruz Harvey to find out if the school you attended is recognised or what you would need to do to get a cross-over cert. They have a scheme called ERCA which allows divers with unrecognised qualifications to be a****sed, I think this means attending an IMCA school but is much shorter and cheaper than a full course. The contact details for IMCA are:
CDA in florida offers the training to get your IMCA if you already have your ADC.. I think it's only a few dives at certain depths and longer bottom times.


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