hi all im looking for a commercial diver friend, i know her first name is rebekah and afaik she was at the gulf of mexico,her email add used to be ghiawench@hotmail.com would appreciate any info guys...thanks very much =]

p.s rebekah if ur here gimme a shout

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Whats her last name? I might know her...Short, blonde and tough as nails?
im not sure whats her last name but yea the description fits her =]
nothing really just to contact her...if you prefer you can give her my contact instead,kinda lsot touch with her a long time ago... glenn.rajoo@gmail.com
thanks mate,cheers!
Hey Glenn, it's been a long time. If that is still your email address I sent you my current one. If not give me your new one and I'll tell ya how to get in touch with me.


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