looking for work anywere right now!

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good luck austin were all looking for some too! things are slow were im at and wages falling like rocks.
thanks bro same to you. Just a real bad time right now i guess everywere.
Hi Austin. If you have no problem to obtain Visa in Russia call 00994502135029 Maksim 3 months job.
As I'm Georgian I cannot enter the country, so take that chance.
Is that job for air divers in Russia?

FLYNN - I'll take anything you've got and willing to travel for it! Haha
Yes mate it is Air diving.
Have you talked to flynn?
I don't seem to be having any luck calling the Russian number from Canada.. Is that the only contact info for them? What company is it for in Russia?

Have yet to hear back from FLYNN, only now is cDiver allowing me to post and PM people, for some reason they kept deleting my account before anyone could reply back to PM's.

Thanks again everyone.
company is F.S.D.S they have 3 months contract in Russia, laying pipe. that is the only contact that is available. or e mail to Maksim fsds@fsds.az
his phone is usually busy so keep calling.


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