I would like to set up with some hard wire comms. I presently have an aga full face and running hose with rope strength member. I have a piece of otherwise useless umbilicle for our rov that i would like to use for a comm line. Does anyone want to sell a 2 diver comm box or aga mic and phones?



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or have a schematic they don't mind sharing?
thanks you very much for the link. I have been finding new units for around the same price though.
i have an DSI 2 diver and 2 amron single divers at the house I willing to let loose the ony problem at the moment Im off shore and not due in until mid Dec
Do you have a price and maybe a link to a dsi 2 combox. I cant seem to find it anywhere.
www.diverssupplyinc.net it item # TDR Most likley take around $300 but need to make sure it works before I sell. I gave 350 for it 4 Yrs ago and dont use it any more
that looks like what i want and the price i would like to pay. give me a shout when your home 250-338-3652
do you have any com line ?
I have a lot of comm wire (Off Cuts) it just depends on how long you need it
I have a 2 diver set up and both hoses are 300 ft. I have come umbilicle from our rov around 300 so im looking for enough for the other hose. Or if the price is right ill leave the rov line intact for testing.
Hello Chuck wondering if you have any 3m splicing epoxy kits that have some freshness left in them as I need one to put two 100 ' sections of com cable together for some shallow diving.>
Go Saints!

Chuck are you back on dry land again, im still interested if you are willing to sell



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