Looking for key facts and information about commercial divers


My name is Marie-Claude Tremblay. I am a research assistant and a web writer for a Canada based production company called Groupe PVP. You can find further information about us via our website: www.pvp.ca/en.

I am looking for key facts, statistics and information about commercial divers.


In Canada, this job is (hopefully!) very safe. I have been able to get some information from professional divers but I am looking for more international information as per the danger and various facts about this job (salary, number of commercial divers currently working worldwide all fields taken together, deaths and injuries statistics, myths about the job, challenges, etc.).


It is for the purpose of a website about dangerous jobs I am currently working on. This website is complementary to a French speaking TV series called “24 hours: danger!” (also about risky jobs) in which there is an episode about commercial divers (it is a France-Canada co-production).


I thought I might be able to find some answers here. Should you have any reference website or doc**ent to suggest regarding this, I am interested! You can contact me at mc.tremblay@pvp.ca.


Thank you for considering this request and have a great day!

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the link. I have contacted them last week too!

Yea this job has real and final dangers in it.


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