Looking for resumes from divers for inshore work in the Nova Scotia, Newfoundland area.


Divetech Ltd have several projects coming up this year and we require EXPERIENCED divers who are located near Nova Scotia, overseas divers please do not apply as labor regulations require we use Canadian divers when available.


Send resumes to divetech@eastlink.ca


Visit our website at www.divetechltd.ca



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Hi Mike ,


just curious what experience you are looking for as I am located in Moncton, NB.

you can reach me at evanmtpalmer@hotmail.com


I have mainly inshore experience, with also sea faring experience. 

If you can provide me some details it would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Evan Palmer

Hello Evan


Looking for divers who are comfortable working in zero vizibility as we have a large dredging job coming up, also a job in the Bay Of Funday, send me your resume?





All sent through.

Let me know if you require anything else.


Cheers ,



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