Why do so many employers have a problem with hiring divers with long hair? I really want to know what is the reason for it........any answers out there???

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We do not need Fabio on the dive sheet, your out there to do a job not look like a cock rock band singer.
No long hair, no piercings? What's next? no farting at the dinner table?
We entered the age of political correctness, and dive company owners turned into yuppies or forhot where they came from. In the old days, any man who showed up dove there was no "Dress code" I guess they figured we let the ADC walk all over us, that hair was just another string they could pull.
tap out, tap out, tap out I need 5 mins here. Do you want to be a diver or a movie star ? Your choice you can go to work diving or you can sit around waitting for your next movie.
why would you want to have long hair it is a pain in the ass and get's every were and you use more water then short hair to wash it Woodstock was back in 1969 it is 2011. Hair should be the last thing to be thinking about.
I cut mine along time ago, what I'm saying, is that there are more improtant things to worry about. THat has never changed.

I just love all of the negative aspects of this discussion.

I for one have never had an issue with my hair and I have been sporting long hair sense 98. But also on that note it has been extra work for me to maintain it and keep it out of the way. If you are going to have it you have to keep it ready to go into the water from the second you step on deck as stand-by till you come out of the chamber. NEVER wait till the last second to do something with it.

Needless to say the ponytail has been getting thin over the last few years so i might even shave it off in the near future.

Everyone has their reason and excuse for not wanting male divers with long hair and yet none of them are really relevant in life. Mostly it just comes from they don't like it but feel like they have to justify their dislikes.


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