Why do so many employers have a problem with hiring divers with long hair? I really want to know what is the reason for it........any answers out there???

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It's the old military attitude.  Once you've proved yourself, let your hair grow back out...after all, it's only hair.  So play their game, they are the one writing the checks.  Also, take out those piercings, that puts a frown on the ops manager.

Safety and they want there crew to look clean cut infront of the Client.

Professional image. do you want to look like a top hand or the guy pushing the shopping cart on the pier?


Professional image huh? :)) Truth is long hair is a pain.

Oh back in the days when Mike was a tender and women were just trying to get into the boys locker room, they didn't allow
long hair for the stated reason it was a
matter of safety...you won't be able to get a seal...it could get entangled or catch on something, etc. But as the long haired boys and girls here will tell you it's doable.

Long hair is time consuming to put up before the dive, detangle after the dive, and keeping it healthy and shiny after exposure to salt water and chemicals takes alot of hair care product which can get expensive.

I recommend using a leave in conditioner after shampooing, while hair is still wet secure it with wide non-elastic band, a 4 strand braid lays flatter than a 3 strand one or depending on how long your hair is you may want to try the Heidi look (braided pig tails) secures around the ears or back of head. I prefer clips to Bobby Pins. Use a big tooth comb (tint comb) to smooth it out when you take it down, wash and condition then allow to dry fully.

In the end you will probably conclude that shorter, wash and wear hair is a lot less
hassle. Right Mike :)

And FYI if the senior divers here tell you that back in the day Taylor divers used lard to manage their long hair before diving don't go there, shark bait. Lol
It is more a safety reason and the fact that long hair get's every were like the drains in the showers on the ships and in the pumps they use to empty the gray water tanks. Plus when you are off shore for a long time you might start to look good to the other crew like one b**** lol
Ya gotta ask yourself this question.  Am I trying to get employed or not.  I had long hair back in the 70's and it got cut by a Navy barber.  I grew it back when I was able but then I found out that I like money more than the hair.  Plus when it almost got caught in machinery that would have sliced and diced,  I cut it quick.  It is work, not a fashion show.  If you look like "Joe S*** the Ragman" do not expect to get hired.  Employers want presentable employees so they can keep getting return work from their customers.

Wonder how its going to work for me... I have medium/long hair (chick obviously) - don't really care about how the sea treats it, but if it's a matter of safety I'll cut it.


... as for the piercings, well, I'm pretty tattooed now and have a piercing running through my wrist and quite a few other ones. When it comes down to it though, money can buy another one once I've played the game.

It will work just fine. No ones complaining about chicks having long hair, other than the hair in the drain issue. You'll either wear it up and inside your hat or down and inside your wetsuit.

It's the image thing. Men with long hair just goes against that burly, deep sea diver Image. Not to mention it brings out the h***phobic insecurity issues for some. Therefore it's much more PC to say it's a safety issue. Kinda like the old excuse women couldn't be divers because once a month we'd attract sharks - it too was a safety

Europe is pretty open minded, but harmony of the crew and safety is what counts.

A seaman wanted to sign on my Survey Vessel in Lithuania, The captain sent me a picture via e-mail. Long hair, tattooed head to toe and enough piercings to replate the bottom of my ship.

Vessel sailed that afternoon, he was sitting on his sea bag on the dock.

My crew is full time and paid 12 months out of the year. four months is sitting at the dock waiting for the ice to melt.

That answer your question about fitting in ?

I once had a captain tell me, "The only kind of woman that would want to do this job was a d*** or a whore. Which kind are you?" or how about the naked Sat rule? Remember that one? Safety was the cited reason for that too.

I agree with you Fred that safety is paramount. But your post reiterates that it's really about conforming to the desires of the contractor that's signing your check.

Very true, and thats how the world turns.

Well Ive only got medium length hair and a few small tattoos, I dont suppose you fancie giving me a shot at a job do you??
Dude, long hair on a professional diving site is down right dangerous, especially if working near dredge pumps, compressors and other machinery with rotating parts. Years ago a diver nearly got scalped as he was tightning a gland on a pump, the belts and pulleys was covered with daimond mesh steel, but some of his hair still managed to get pulled in!! Fitting a Hat becomes time consuming as well as a pain to make sure you attain a proper seal on the neck dam, as the hair is all over the place. Many professional institutions will not allow divers with long hair on site for safety reasons, and I agree with Fred, do you want to look like a top hand, that takes pride in his job or the wannabee diver, hot shot who just carry the title "Commercial Diver"


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