Hi everyone,


Was wondering if anyone could clerify the process of setting a  .ltd company.  Reason is to protect myself and family of anything possible.  I know it allows only company a****ts and fiances in case of problems , etc.  Just not sure about the process and if anyone else has done this.


thanks alot


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Every province is different ,i have set up two companies in Alberta myself. it is relatively painless and doesn't take long .i don't no about any other provinces but in Alberta you can do it yourself at a license or registration center. let me know if i can help any more. i DID NOT need a lawyer like they will try to tell you .they just want to charge you big bucks i think if i remember i only paid between 300-500 dollars total.
Thanks for that Bill .. yeah I'm out east in NB .. I used to have a Australian Business Number when down there , and its a matter of 5 mins online at no cost .. so its been interesting back home where its harder. haha .. go figure.
Have you used it much for company expenses and how does that work for Tax time ?
thanks for the help


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