I think we all need to pull together and help Toby find some reasons to be happy again. I believe a good way is to say something positive about ol' Tobe. I'll start;

Toby, what I like about you most is .... is how you're always so up beat and willing to accept people different than you and embrace their differences to further enrich your own life.


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Forgive me Frank, for using such subtle sarcasm when I referred to the divers as competent. It gets lost on simpler folk. For the record I sincerely believe everyone on that job was a total and complete idiot. I was merely taking the opportunity that Ace had given us all to redirect this thread back into a real conversation and not a tit for tat p****** contest between the brilliant minds of Ace Flynn and Ethan.
Safe diving Frank :)

And Diva thanks for the added details. I was multi tasking and missed who it said these guys actually worked for when I watch the video the first time.


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