I think we all need to pull together and help Toby find some reasons to be happy again. I believe a good way is to say something positive about ol' Tobe. I'll start;

Toby, what I like about you most is .... is how you're always so up beat and willing to accept people different than you and embrace their differences to further enrich your own life.


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wasted effort
There is a saying that every joke is rooted in truth. FLYNN, you sure joke about h***sexuality a lot it seems. How long have you known you were attracted to men?
Men?! Ethan, you have it all wrong...it's the women that say Flynn's as addictive as honeycomb candy.
I was as puzzled as you Diva, however FLYNN said in his own words that he wanted to watch men. And about him being as addictive as candy, well, women usually do have their favorite gay friend that they wish they could turn so thats not surprising that you find him addictive. :)

Diva if you're jumping in this thread after some of the posts by others were deleted then I can understand your confusion. :)
yes FLYNN let me just tell you who Im working for...maybe you'd like to know my SS # or Debit PIN? Whats more important than who I work for is that Im working when soooooo many are not.
hey flynn, sounds to me like we've got ourselves a green hand that's run his mouth too much online and is now scared to say who he works for, lol. i never saw this coming. lol
Toby, a red hat scared of losing his job, hardly uncommon. A red hat scared of who might come on shift as a sup., theres the rub.
very true.
Toby do you mean green like a E-1 only a non-military person who never saw it coming and hasn't yet learned theirs a reason why they have only one mouth and two ears so they can listen twice as much as they talk and so many other lessons that rich kids were never told when their parents put them thru school to just get rid of them do you mean like that Toby?
Or maybe that they have yet to learn and believe that they were only hired for a position that requires their performance to be from the neck to deck type apprentice like that Toby ?.
LOL, exactly right ace.
Do you mean he started his diving career on C-Diver ? Wow everyone else had to go to a real school and pay big bucks. No wonder he sounds so smart wished I would have thought of that I could have saved alot of money too if I had started my career on C-Diver.
Flynn I couldn't stop laughing after hearing that one and haven't had a good laugh like that in a long long time so if the sound of my laughing hurt your ears from away out here in Hawaii because it was so loud than next time I will have to give you warning so you can at least have time to use some ear plugs but that was so funny.
Started a diving career on C-Diver wow! Thats Genius. Is that what you mean Flynn ?
Have to wonder if thats his real pic... had my pics taken and used by someone before, its all too easy. Still Im curious! hahaha C** on, faster Flynn


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