This is a message to all legit users who are members of the commercial diving industry or who are related to someone in the industry:

We occasionally get spammers in our ranks and I need your help to identify them. is an open online community, meaning that anyone can join who takes the time to type in an email address.  Most users are legitimate people who enjoy the fun and social aspects of the network.  Occasionally, we have someone who registers as a user, but is really interested in using the built-in 'broadcast' tools of our system to send spam to the rest of us.

The way our system is set up does not allow me (or any other administrator) to see all the broadcasted messages to the community.

If you receive a spam message in your email from a user, please email me directly at with the spam message or at least the user name of the member who sent it to you.  We can then ban them from the network, thus preventing more spam.  We will report their email address to other online communities to eliminate spam on their networks, as well.

Thank you, everyone.  We'd like to keep the community open and a little bit of help from you guys can help keep our community spam-free.


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Thank you, got it. Doug
Everyone, I think we have sent a strong message to the spammers. By making membership more restricted (John has to approve each new member), we are keeping spammers out.

If anyone sees or gets spam from someone using this network, please email or me at

Thanks for helping us keep the system open and clean.


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