What's the deal with training and bending, where is the window and what are my limitations. I worked as a surf lifeguard for near on ten years before I started diving so now that the bear gut is catching up I'm becoming more and more desperate. At the moment working civils, time's the issue, but still what is the deal with training and diving. I'm looking for imformed responses please, I work with divers who have all heard something or know more than the other. If any thing I think the boys from the Navy will know the deal.


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what the hell is your question?
Fer yer IMformation...start with the 3 Rs. readin, 'ritin, and 'rithmatic. Although I could never figure the last one out.
How soon after a dive can you train, I've heard dive school instructors go so far as to say no hot showers after dives. So I'm over the buls*** i just want to train without issues ie: run, swim or gym.
no hot shower for 2 hours after a dive. no vitamins or supplements on the job anymore. that went into effect last year. exercise and lift weights when you're not on the rack or standby.
Dude you work in civils so your average depth only ranges probably between zero and 15m... no prob. I work out 3 x 2hrs in a week and never got bend. If you're in good shape and hydrate often you'll be fine. So you say you can't lift heavy things after a dive... that's funny... lol In civils before and after diving we hump 25kg bags (grout, speedcrete, sandbags etc) all the time, we pull heavy hydraulic hoses, pull out heavy tools out of the water and move 50l gasbottles in and out of trucks. A crane is a luxury sometimes...
Shot for the response, appreciate the advice, never said anything about heavy lifting though. Just want to seperate b******* from truth. We're always moving something heavy, chain, slings, 35t liftbags, why have a craine if you have six or more divers, that's pretty much the mantallity here.

Toby what's the deal with vitamins? Like fishfood said ,in civils our dives aren't that deap although we are between 20 and 25m at the moment.
it might just be on a company basis. don't mean vitamins like a,b and c. mean vitamins that are considered supplements related to weight lifting. policy came out because they have reason to believe it prevents proper decompression in some ways.
25ms is a h*** different ball game. If you're doin' surface deco heavy exercise can be a bit tricky. Even when you're doin' inwater deco stops. Nitrox can be a solution. With a 40% O2 mix your equivalent airdepth for 18ms on nitrox is only 12m on normal air... that buys you a lot of bottomtime.
Six divers in civils...? damn here in France a diveteam is only 3 divers.

dive safe


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