Any former Brit Military Divers out there ?

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Hi paul, think we have spoke briefly on once a marine.... hope your well m8. kind regards Phill. P.S is there any commercial work out there at the mo.. its as a do do! later royal!
Hello Phil, the credit crunch seems to be streaching everywhere, as said on the Once a marine website, the route to go is to get your tickets Medic's, 32U, etc, I know this is hard when not working. it might be worth trying the middle east, CCC, is a good starting area for new Divers, Algosaibi is an Option, thats where I started, got my Tickets then moved on.

Hope this helps, there is always Civil's, not good money but will get you in the Loop.

Is that paul fleming from the trestle days???
how you doing bud?
long time no hear?
Hi John, yes the very same a lot of water has passed under the bridge since the you send em we bend um algo crassies day's, remember that pond life woodward?
John, were you on the original Trestle job or the repair team ?
Original team laddie, there is a pic of us all on longstreath in the pro memoria board under Dave Foley. wild times eh! a bloody lifetime ago seems like.
Hi John, wild times is an under statement, Remember the Chino divers, and the amount of Hits, the Algo boats were running to the Hypo Chamber every day. Glad to see someone else got out of that nightmare, were you there during the First Gulf war now that was an interesting time.


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