After reading Bill's post and the past words of a few other wise old goats I got to thinking. And what I though and decided is that I will show respect to the like of Bill and others by refraining from partaking in anymore public banter with others. from here on out my replies and posts will stay on topic. If anyone would like to continue the written p*****g contest please feel free to PM me or leave me a comment. I'll be more than happy to play. But, for the integrity of the board I will no longer play on the main field. I also noticed that a lot of FLYNN's posts were removed that held personal contempt for me. I dont know if he did this himself or if they were deleted by other means but there have not been any new ones so I will follow his lead and keep the posts clear of childishness.


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Bill thats the best I have ever heard it stated thanks for telling it like it is. I hope everyone reads it.
Thanks guys, When I was a newbie I came on site as a trainee not even a tender. There was at one time professional tenders, guys who had no ambition to dive, I was fortunate enough to have one of these pros take me under his wing. Tenders used to be capable of setting up a dive station, maintain all equipment, gauge mixed gas for content, capable of light mechanical repairs on compressors, welders, etc., make up umbilicals, hoses, strip down helmets & masks and make necessary repairs, specific knowledge of divers requirements (coffee, cigarettes, chewing gum, etc.), how he liked his knives sharpened, how much weight he liked to use, run the rack & treatment tables, direct deck action and when to shut a job down if it endangered a diver. It still p***** me off from time when red hats are all treated with contempt, its assumed newbie divers know d*** and are roundly reminded of such, hopefully learning the life lesson you never know it all and have to earn your way to being a journeyman at the craft, but I've never been an advocate of gratuitous abuse. I used to contribute part of my pay to my 'professional' tender if was fortunate enough to find one 'cause he was worth it in time saved, preparedness on the job site, and he made me look good-no waiting on diver delays, etc. But......a peice of paper doesn't make you diver-or even a tender.
I just think your takn the piss Ethan . . way to prey on peoples prdjudice . ..
Luke could you explain your Australian slang not quite sure what your trying to say in American English. Just need a little translation from Australian to English. Thanks.
Yeah ok . . getn out of this sh!t stir
The reason I created this thread was to win a bet that some of these guys just like to hear themself b**** and preach from their high horses. I gave an apology and extended an olive branch and then sat back and said very little...but just look at how this thread has grown! :) They ramble among themselves and and do their very best to validate their own superiority by dumping on a common threat. (Ethan) This is typical of weak minded has-been alpha males. They feel they must beat their chest and make a racket to prove their superiority to themselves and others even if the threat is non existent but merely in their heads. I dont even have my adult feathers yet and somehow I've got a lot of silver backs in a tizzy! My self and everyone else who was in the know have had a lot of fun watching this sociological experement. :)

PS I did graduate school and am working as a tender. Just to add a bit o salt to those who genuinely fear I may be some techno geek at Yale.
Ethan up to now your rancor and apparent dissatisfaction with the diving brotherhood mystified me. An LTs b****, divers slave, etc. was obviously provocative and provided a teaching opportunity to novices unaware of the apparent hierarchy, traditions, and history. Dispite your admonishments I will continue to post, as the response to me personally has been more than positive in all my 'preaching and b****ing'. In other posts you will see (if you chose to recocognize them) the old fuddy duddys are posting accurate and indeed more than helpful aid to new or moderately experienced divers with impediments and barriers to successfully completing project undertakings. So if this psych test you are performing on us makes you happy so be it-if you see no value in our contributions and take nothing from our posts, so be it - fill your boots, have at it its a free country. I truely wish you luck in your role as tender because this is where the rubber meets the road, if you f*** up big time now you can kill someone, or yourself, so again I wish you luck.
Bill all ur posts are informative and well appreciated. Keep them up
Very well put, Bill. Stole the thought out of my head
Yes you bring out the worst in us if you truly had a brain you would learn from it but you dont . No wonder everyone keeps picking you apart your never going to raise above this level. You have earned a jacket and now your going to wear it from here on out its like a dive jail sentence and you done it all by yourself. Who would not have contempt for your behavior your just plain stupid and dont get it we have tried to tell you did you get it? no you just keep crying and wanting to tell us about you. I would never let some cyber spade wanna be poser tend me. Call the crew boat your finished.
Flynn thanks, Ace
"For God would never had created a man, let alone an angel, with the foreknowledge of his future evil state if He had not also known at the same time how He would put such a creature to good use; and thus enrich the world's history with the same antithesis which brings beauty to a poem." St. Augustine The City of God

In short, the world needs my kind. Opposition in all things. Equal and opposite reactions. In other words, "Life without me would be even more unbearable." -Lestat de Lioncourt


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