After reading Bill's post and the past words of a few other wise old goats I got to thinking. And what I though and decided is that I will show respect to the like of Bill and others by refraining from partaking in anymore public banter with others. from here on out my replies and posts will stay on topic. If anyone would like to continue the written p*****g contest please feel free to PM me or leave me a comment. I'll be more than happy to play. But, for the integrity of the board I will no longer play on the main field. I also noticed that a lot of FLYNN's posts were removed that held personal contempt for me. I dont know if he did this himself or if they were deleted by other means but there have not been any new ones so I will follow his lead and keep the posts clear of childishness.


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Nobody on the admin side of deleted Flynn's posts, so they must have been deleted by Flynn himself. We appreciate the professionalism and while it's best to keep the negative bantering off the site, we still want this forum constructive, open & fun. Let's not get too stale, feel free to joke around a little...just do it respectfully in regards to the other divers.

Ethan - Keep the wit coming, people enjoy it.
Greenhorn so green he croaks like a frog its always something and all about him. whaaaaa! Go to work damn it Jim your a tender not a diver yet earn your stripes. This consant winning is just too much shall we get you a crew boat ?
Crew boat as being run off while offshore. Shall we we get you a crew boat, or pack up kid your on the next crew boat in.

Compared to the likes of Flynn and Ace, I'm a newbie. I have alot of years under my belt between military and commercial diving but nothing compaired to them. There is a time and place for everything. It's a big differece between being a tender who has a little salt under his belt and wants to get a rise out of the senior divers. It's one thing being a junior diver and spinning up the old guys. I do that myself sometimes but I usually have an ulterior motive to it. And the senior divers I mess with know why I'm doing it. But, to be a student in dive shool, you have no place to trash talk. This is your time to sit back, read, listen, and work. If you have problems doing that now, you will always have problems with that in my Gulf. Remember, whether your a red hat, a junior diver, or a senior diver, you always have someone to answer too higher up the food chain. Always know your place!! If not, it will cost you in multiple ways, i.e. ass chewing, run off the job, empty bak account, etc.

Learn what you can at The Ocean Corporation and graduate. Come offshore, keep your moth shut, and do your job.
Seriously....this kid has had more drama on this "social networking site" than my little high school aged sister does...just something to think about Ethan. It starts and ends with you. I hope you manage to get along better on a jobsite.....
Very well put Steve. Ethan listen to your elders and you will learn!!!!
I love having those lippy know it all tenders. I turn them into deck hands, after a few days of chipping and painting, watching everyone else engage in diving, their attitude usually changes. If they complain, I tell them that they can go to beach anytime, "Should I arrange a boat for you?" It gets even better when they go to the ops manager with their attitude, man that is one guy you don't want to piss off!
Hey there Steve Staten. *cool name sounds like a surfer name* I'd like to redirect you to some of my other posts. In these posts you'll discover that I have graduated school and am currently employed and starting down the road... er, down line of the diving world. The reason my profile says "new/ in school" is because I didnt see the option for "slave to divers" or "LT's b****"; and Im not yet broken out as a diver so I couldnt select "working diver" despite the fact I've made multiple dives (out side of school).

Just wanted to say thanks for your professionalism and to the point post though. It caused me to want to pay attention to what you had to say rather than find a weakness in it and attack same.

Safe Diving Steve!!
Dive Scholl? (o0)
This Ethan so called person is some computer geeks spook he really dosent exist. We are all just being played. No last name a non person its phony. If he were real he would have man-upheld and revealed himself. You have been found out. I call BS Phony poser. I mean really were pretty tolerant here but if you were real you would come completely out of the closet.
For newly graduated divers: in becoming a diver you must first become a TENDER. This is a time honoured responsible and necessary transition. Despite the ragging, a good tender is worth his weight in gold. In the GOM the term has come to be devalued and dimminished nonetheless a trusted tender is one who is a needed member of the team. He is the divers eyes on surface ops when the sup is in the shack, alert to proper slinging of loads over the diver, proper lockout procedures, anticipating the divers needs on the job, taking nothing for granted, noting any topside deficiencies that can impede or endanger the diver. Tending must be undertaken with life and death accuracey, would you want you at the end of your hose if things go west? And would I want you at the end of my gear if the s*** hits the fan. I don't care if I am pushing a broom for a living there must be self possessed dignity and responsibility in every job, or I'm not good enough to do it.
Very well put Bill!!


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