Has anyone else all but given up searching the job boards on this site? I just put in a search for any jobs, anywhere in the world, with any experience necessary, and I got 0 results. Same as its been the past few months. If the jobs aren't posted here, where else is everyone looking right now?

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hell yeah, u like the hat? I think it looks a lil better on a skinnier neck, don't you? ;) yeah I called all three, sent in resumes, blah blah blah. Haven't seen hide nor hair. lol. If you got any more contacts you think might help, I'll buy you a beer for each one you part with ;)
LOL honestly, I've polished it more times than I've dove it! lolol! Can't blame me for wheelin and dealin' can ya? lol just trying to find enough to keep busy. I'm also workin on getting some cash together, taking some time to drive down there and show up in person. It's a lot to get together when you are fresh outta dive school, and broke because of it. lol. I should be down there in the next few weeks though if all goes as planned.
Hi Mike,
I'll double check everything you just mentioned to be sure I'm registered with them all. Better to have two copies than none. Thank you and Flynn both for all your help. Some of us know-nothing redhats would like to lose that rep and start learning, and guys like you help us out tons!
roger that, I'm doing it now. Thanks Mike!
I've had no luck with the job boards either. Why are there no replies to this? Are we the only two who are having trouble with it?
I just thought it was broken, there had been a few jobs there for 3 or 4 months, like air diver for Blackpool etc., there are never any comments/announcements by board hosts that advertize anything happening....
I am the Project Manager in charge of cDiver.net. We have just recently made it completely free for companies to post jobs on the job board. Since making this feature free the job board has gone a little screwy on us and we are working to fix this problem. The problem should be resolved very soon (within the next couple of days) and once this is fixed there WILL BE jobs posted on the job board. We have already gotten positive feedback from many companies in regards to posting jobs and and many have already confirmed that they will be posting jobs once they are able to do so. Once the job board/resume database problem is solved I will post a a new forum discussion letting the community know. Much apologizes for the inconvenience. Thanks!
Whats the point of this website??? even past jobs come up zero matches???? BULLSH*#
Hey Jason you do realize that Hurricane Katrina is over and we are experiencing a major recession in this Country hun ? Not to mention that theres alot of dive schools that just keep cranking out new wanta bee divers that will work for peanuts. Yea the website is not what it use to be since they changed it. In looking at your background it looks like your on your way. Jason rember this is a lifetime thing and you can always keep educating yourself so your more marketable and have other trades to do while in a economic downturn and off seasons. Good luck man.

Companies typically remove jobs posted on the site once they are filled, that's why you aren't seeing any past jobs.

Please be patient, in the next few weeks you will begin to see the purpose of this site I promise...


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