im enroled in school starting march excited...i think talking with others allready in the field is a great way to come on leta be friends.

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Welcome to CDiver !!!!
Hey Flynn,

I hear you managed to sneak into Texas while the Admiral, Hoss and Hwy 35er weren't looking, walkin on the wild side there aren't you chere?
Not exactly what I was sayn their Flynn . . maybe though he should get a job working for you, shure your not every divers first choice of employers . .
guys....i havent graduated yet...i believe i will do very well....may have to go sewer diving to earn a few stripes,,but so what not getting in this for the money but more for the adventure and the way of life..i want to see things many people are scared to see or do..the jobs come boss wont have to ask me if i wanna do it...all he has to say is where im to report for duty.
Calm down mate, whats with the attitude thats all? Go get laid or somthing if that limp d*** of yours still works. If you got arms and legs in Aussie, use em, see who gives a f*** about some yank and his baggage.
flynn,,,he said go get laid..hehe this could be a great chance to get another conviction by getting thrown outta the bar,,,lol
im all for that...
Easy there chere, before you go volunteering to jump into anything I suggest you sit back and listen to some of the guys fish stories...and I do mean fish...Jewfish, Grouper, etc
great... fish stories.....let the newbie get some cookies and ready bring on the stories
Haven't even gone to school yet and already with the sass?

This one's from our friend Ka-Bang on OSD

...was on a barge recovery in florida...simple job... burn, check, rig ,lift, burn, check, rigg, you get the idea, couple days into the job, we hear the diver squealing. Yes, we thought the worst and Jumped the standby , next thing we hear is... #### this!, then we hear the fuuckers swallowed my leg! the stand by gets to the diver and we hear holy s***! the fuuckers got his leg! Then comes, topside on our way up. The diver hits the deck with shredded carharts, most of the skin on his leg had been scrapped white. The stand by recounts the tug of war he played using jackie as the rope LOL the following day we decide to cut cards to see who was gonna crawl up inside. This little jewfish was every bit of 600 pounds. we never did eat that fuucker, all of us were nibbled on though. As for me... lost a boot to the sum b###h.

As this kept up we had the client/county rep shows up one day, we are sitting in the shack when all of a sudden the radio goes nuts, fuuckers tryin to eat me AGAIN... trail of expletives even i wont repeat...the Rep turned white and we pissed ourselves laughing. aaahhh the good ole days

...then there was the time we played pick up sticks with a barge load of dredge pipe on the bottom of tampa bay refereed by another angry jewfish and a man humping nurse shark... that is for another time.

Still waiting to hear the one about the man humping nurse shark, lol ~Diva
Get ready for some crazy down time unless you already have a job?


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