im enroled in school starting march excited...i think talking with others allready in the field is a great way to come on leta be friends.

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sketchy ?....and no im not on parole..never been convicted of a hard worker about to start a very adventurouse carrer.
i will work on the convictions...they dont have to be criminal
Matching that story the late California abalone diver Ed Deneuville "Nasty Ed" got so pissed once because they wouldn't let him in a bar to drink with the others that he got a D-6 dozer wrapped chain completely around the outside of a pub hooked it up to the dozer and proceeded to pull the place down to the ground-wow!. They said he was a real gentleman when he wasn't drinking.
Some years later I bought his old abalone boat the "Otter" and years later people around the various harbors would come up to me and boy the stories they would tell me about Ed and his diving adventures on the old " Otter".
The Aceman is ready for the next adventure. Let me know brother.
At the least you need two convictions!!! You might get by without it. Good luck
Don't mind Flynn his sense of humor is warped...personally I think he's spent too much bottom time on mixed gas. Anyway, welcome to cdiver and good luck with school. ~ Diva

P.S.- Flynn, Ace , Marty Morris, Bill Gardner, and Mike Woods have all been around since Smeaton invented the air pump. So they're the go to guys for helpful information on diving. If it were me, I'd send them all friend invites.
SO ypu leave me out of the group there DIva?? Oh and yes Everett dont mind Flynn we let him out every once in a while just to keep the newbes on thier toes
Well, Smeaton inventing the air pump in what 1771, and Wisdom comes with age...frankly Chuck I didn't think you were that old. :-)
Just had to through a stone at you !!! in a joking way of course Started in 78. And still in the game. Keep up your posts its nice to have some around that not only knows the laws but the industy!!! That and I felt left out unlike Shawn
Flynn not only does this sketchy but it sounds marginal. What you dont start until March Jesus whats this all coming to?
Dude I'll be your freind. . good luck! Their are plenty of dive jobs commercial divers don't want to do to get companies to look at ya!!!
i like to do jobs others dont wanna do...thats what makes someone stand out in a sides i love the challange.


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