There are a lot of questions right now about how the new President will impact the economy, consumer confidence...and ultimately the Commercial Diving Industry. Do you think more government contracts will open up for inland projects? How will oil prices be impacted for offshore? Any other thoughts?

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I think that we will be getting the benefits from Obama's spending plan. There is now way the goverment can ignore the dilapidated state are infrastructure is in. Either they spend some money now for municipal water systems, bridge repair, ect., ect.. Or, they spend alot more money when there is a emergency. As far as oil goes, we sell all of our oil to china. So i dont think it matters.
With oil prices in the tank, we are probably have a tough 1st quarter. I'd like to see the oil price above $55. That way, not too much for gas for the car, but enough work for diving.

Inland......that's another story altogether. I expect some real $$$ to be spent on bridges and water systems. Obama Bucks (the cash they hand out to the local government agencies) will get to us somehow. I look forward to this year!
yes i think you may well be right on the 55$

its the same with the hull cleaning now we have 25 vessels out there and they do not want to know they would rather just burn the fuel.

steve h
don't hold your breathe on that one. by time the government money trickles down to the divers contractors, etc. it's gotta go through federal, state, and local hands leaving only a fraction of what it started with. I don't see this going the way of FDR and all his infastucture investments. Its an new era and the bureaucracy that is in place and growing in size and power will not let a buck pass by with out breaking it and taking some change. Ron Paul 2012 - the revolution begins
i think it will pick back up this year or next. oil has already doubled from january and is at it's norm right now. the inflated price of it might come back the end of the year or next, maybe not. either way, i think the offshore diving aspect won't suffer much. work gets slow every now and then like seasons. it'll pick back up sooner or later. obama isn't going to shut us down with the liberal hype.
In the short term our business will stay slow until the Oil Companies see if he is going to succeed in turning the US into a socialist country. Once they see the hand writing on the wall the Oil Patch will improve. They are not going to move any more then they have to until they can be assured there not throwing good money after bad.

It is my personnel opining that he will fail in his effort. Which in the long run, I believe to be good for all of us.


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