My spot on news channel 8 didnt really get watched by alot of gulf divers.. I b****ed and am gonna get paid for lost wages..Its out there gulf divers, go get it.  Divers need to implement their own moritorium..No oil well goes online untill divers inspect everything from conductor bays to stubs. and BOPs if were able depending on depth. If its over a grand then let the ROV boys do the rest. It doesnt realy matter, divers are the true inspectors in the gulf. Deep well drilling has got to stop untill man can find a way to put a leash on it so this b******* never happens again. It is my sand box and Im used to 300 ft pops. Im not interested in getting 200 ft and going through a plume no one can see. As it stands now divers need to take control and make sure the oil is really gone. Practical application, is the only way to know. Im just sick and tired of industry labeling us as laboreres. For Gods sakes were pros at what we do. If any of you have supervised rig inspections, cp, vd , flooded member, 0 plus inspections you know how sub-standard most of these rigs are. Divers are more important to the safe function of rigs in the gulf than anyone else. We need to articulate on this. Divers go through a school and are considered proffesionals. The oil rigs and the companies who own them and operate them should understand this. As it stands right now, as a proffesional diver deep water drilling needs to stop until we can make sure its safe. 1000 ft is the limit until we figure out how to go deeper. Everything happens underwater, which is our office and domain. Untill we can verify the safety, then its on hold. Sorta like how BP said were not paying divers. Its time to change the way things are going in our sandbox..

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Sounds reasonable... if there are viable reserves in 1000 ft or less, otherwise the diving community will be hustling even harder for jobs in an already lacking market. I think the oil companies should ramp up inspections on all of their platforms, wells and associated pipelines. They cut corners, everyone is aware of that fact, thorough inspections of ALL subsea equipment would create jobs, ensure the diver's safety and could prevent further environmental "accidents". What do you think?
Each well is responsable to pay for its own up keep, they are treated as separate companies.
If a well is not making a profit then the oil company says there is no money to maintain it.
Its a bookkeeping and tax dodge for the oil comanies.
Each well pumping oil through a pipe is $100,000,000.00 a day revenue.
So do you think BP is going to let that oil sit there? think again.they will payoff who they have to.
Me thinks some CEO's are in need of a good old fashioned b*tch slap...
I don't know if I should laugh or cry, but it sure is a true depiction isn't it?
First of all,thank you for being politically active on the matter. I agree and also could not pass up the mentioning of the ADC on this matter,. Where are they to help us? I am sure they are searching for a way to acquire finances lost for the BOD"s and the companies that they are puppets for. Do not react emotionally on my ranting on this site of the prior conversations regarding the ADC and their organized efforts to get most of the commercial divers to give money back to them regarding the card but is there an actual benefit or service that we receive like this matter that got world attention? What are they doing as far as public relations in compensating divers. Hate to say it, although the divers usually take just about anything they can with the contractors, been in this biz for over 20 yrs. Most people who know me are aware that i am paying attention to world issues and am verbal-political on such matters,must be the Californian in me, my highest respect for you,most of the divers never will step up, the constant fear of being pushed out of work. The GOM,Texas and Lousiana always put up with this element from the oil cos.and diving cos. The oil cos. can not do this here in CAL. We"ll see what comes of it and remember this is a small industry, we as divers should do more of what you and i do to bring the confidence to the ma**** as the oil and dive cos. can not replace us easily, we should remind them that energy stops when we stand up, it moves when we work.... Lance Padfield
Roger that!
no s***ski!
Russell I just wanted to say I finished watching the NBC tv interview we did in the Tampa area. The fact that BP did not include divers in their lost income payout equasian really needed to be addressed. Thanks again for inviting me to come along with you for that interview. I sure hope it helps get all of us divers some financial compensation from BP.
I thought you made a very valid presentation and arguement for divers being compensated. You are without question a stand up guy for all of us.
I love being a diver.
Well said.
I have to add a little two cents here, as quite a few of the us at my company filed claims for lost wages and it looks like we are getting shut down. Problem is that work was slow before the spill, and what work there was continued after the spill so technically it wasn't BP's fault most of us lost wages. I had more than a few buddies diving for other companies during all this B.S. so it sounds like aint nobody gettin paid for what would otherwise be a post hurricane slowdown. There are a few valid claims where they demobbed dive vessels to send them out to the spill and divers actually lost wages, but unfortunately the dive companies wont send BP claim adjusters a letter stating that divers lost wages. Anyway good luck with that s***, I hope everybody gets paid. And I hope the regulations on platforms get tightened up so we can go out there and fix all that broken crap.

a few other things that are simply my opinion

-adc might as well be a four letter word, I don't even acknowledge their exsistence.....f'n d***heads

-oil companies will never ever treat us right unless they are made too
Well, I do agree ADC is a waste of money. almost the same circ**stances as union b*******. 100 dollar membership and yearly dues for what? A card? If divers became a little bit more creative they would just shut em down untill the diving community,( the boys who are actually getting wet) makes it clear that their needs to be some conditions implemented that serve the divers needs. As far as BP claims. Yea, it was slow before, and now its just dead. Inspections may pick up, when I dont know, Half the divers I know are doing other types of work, or going overseas. I think we rate just as much as any fisherman or resturaunt owner who got there money. Just a thought!
Scientists have figured out how to attach a human brain ( last was a divers) into the CPU of an ROV everything was cool for about an hour the unit reported seeing a mermaid at 490 ft and then asked the pilot to send down another case of bud light!


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