I'm looking at buying a hot water suit and noticed that a denim suit is much cheaper than a neoprene one. Since I have never personally used a denim hot water suit I was wondering how well they worked since the denim does not insulate as well as neoprene?

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Denim is nice when you dont need alot of hot water or should I say not so hot hot water.  Its more for shallower/less cold water.  If your going deep or the water is really cold sitck with Neoprene. 

Good Day 

I do believe you have answered your own question...:-) .

The overall insulation factor is 86% less insulation over neoprene.

I am diving a denim suit right now. I need to crank the hot water unit way up. I love this suit but im looking for a neoprene 1 as we speak. Extreme cold water is rough with this suit. Neoprene suits are a steady 100 - 105 in mixing tank. My denim suit is at 115-120 degrees. By time it gets to me under the icey water im still asking to crank up the temp. Plus ive shredded 2 so far. Climbing on pile and other stuff wears this suit out quick. Ya its cheap but in the long haul, its more expensive to constantly purchase more.


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