A message from Jenifer Hagge to all members of Wet Welders on cDiver.net!

Search our data base for free!!  High paying jobs are out there!


Visit Wet Welders at:


as soon as i get this email from cdiver.net  i opened my account and went through these group,but finally i found nothing.

these groups shows that there was the latest activity carried out on then 30 minutes ago,but i cannot find anything on them now..


is this what they do,could anyone help out where did these jobs went.or this is how they r deleted so we cant get proper info on the jobs...


plz suggest.


i got 4 messages like this to check out in the group called OFFSHORE DIVERS/AIR DIVERS SEARCHING FOR WORK/DIVER MEDICS AND WET WELDERS.......for high paying jobs just now.

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Sachin -

This is an unfortunate case of someone joining the network to spam everyone.  We have already deleted the offending member.  Rest assured that in no way did they ever get your personal information, they simply sent a message out to the groups they joined just as any member of a group can. 

We allow this for you guys, so that you can contact other people in small groups for messages, alerts, important info, etc.  Unfortunately it's difficult for us to prevent every piece of spam that can possibly get through.  The best we can do is to address it as quickly as we can. 


hi adam,


hope u doing well dear,and many thanks for ur reply.its fine i can understand it,thanks again for ur time n words.


take care and have a nice day...

An enterprising little pecker thinks were stupid, tell em to f*** off...


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