If you are a diver on this network, you are fine and we enjoy having you here. But....


To all the people who think they can come and spam our network, I want to let you know that you are officially d******s.  There.  I said it.


OK, here's the deal and I want everyone to know about this.


1 - There are four of us administrators monitoring this network (I am one of them).  If you push SPAM out to the community, you will be banned.  The network we use takes reports from us with your email address and you'll have a hard time signing in to other associated networks (Ning networks).


2 - I read EACH AND EVERY new member questionnaire to see if you are a diver or have anything to do with diving.  If you are, we welcome you.  If you are not, we might let you in anyway because we welcome outsiders who are interested in our profession.  If you are a SPAMMER, it will be obvious because you do not have the foggiest idea of how to answer our questions and you have the stupidest answers or don't answer our questions.  For your viewing pleasure, I have included a photo (below) of how a d****** tries to become a member of cDiver.


3 - If you come into our network to sell products or service and do not engage in community discussions, we'll probably ban you.  We welcome people who sell their services or equipment, but if that is all you do, we would welcome you as a sponsor and you'll probably get better results anyway.  Call us or email Adam (the site admin).


4 - Occasionally, some a****** a.k.a. a SPAMMER gets though my membership review and they will post a bunch of crap about little blue pills, ladies from the Far East, and other crap that does not belong in anyone's email.  If that happens, we apologize.  If you get messages like that from someone in the community, please let us know by clinking on the "SUPPORT" tab on the far left of your screen.


5 - The newest thing we have to fight spam is an automated system by Ning which alerts us to suspicious behavior or suspect forum postings in the system.  This is new and I am excited to have this new tool available to us.


That's it.  We enjoy your banter and spirited debates and we'll do our best to keep up with you and keep the d******s (SPAMMERS) out of the system.


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wow I wish I was in all those dive outfits as well who the hell really would waste there time to spam this site. its so dumb to waste time and money for things you would never gain anything from.
i got a weird email on here the other week from some lady

Daniel, send me her user name and I'll take care of it. Doug

We banned an other person for sending our members crap messages. Let me know if anyone else is sending unwanted messages.


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