It's my dream and goal to get into commercial diving/Underwater welding/ underwater medic Etc...
I've signed up/ enrolled into the college in Jacksonville, Florida. The next cla**** start in April. I don't have the money and don't know what to do? I have got 11,500 and need another 19,000 to get in and complete the school. I don't have any credit to get a loan and my family don't have it either. Can anyone help me? Please!!! Is there any other programs or jobs that will pay for my school or co-sign for me a loan until I'm employed with a good career? If your reading this I pray you will know a way?!! Thank you and have a blessed day!!

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I'm not saying there any better than any one else, but check out if its really what you want, But don't believe every thing you hear about the work and money you'll make. You may do better looking for something else where you could make enough to pay those loans you will need...

Young Memorial in Morgan City Louisiana is the cheapest way to go.  You can find work around there, sometimes with a local dive company doing shop work.  

I haven't went to school yet. Do they have a college out there that will get you the education and certifications you need for commercial diving and underwater welding? And get you the grants loans etc until u get out and get employed?

Thank you. I just took a look at the web site and will call the college on Monday. have a good weekend

Going to school in Louisiana is putting you right in the bowels of offshore commercial diving.  You will most likely get a job tending straight off because you have a local address.  This is important to diving companies because they want you in their toolbox. They are reluctant to hire anyone from out of state.  Sure there are better schools elsewhere, but you can get more education as time pa**** and $ makes it feasible. 

Another cheap quick way to get into the industry is that school up in Minnisoda or maybe it's in Wisconsin.  They focus on inland training, but the ADC card means the same.  

The best school has to be Santa Barbara City College.  Geoff Thielst is one of the instructors there.  He brings years of real offshore experience and they have the most comprehensive program.  But who can afford to live in SB for two years!?!

What the f*** $30,500? if you want to stay in America then try a cheaper solution like the one in SC or Ocean corp.. alot cheaper then 30,5k wtf.. Not sure if you've looked into overseas but South Africa has a good program for a good price. Can't use student loans but it's around 10k for Everything.


       Do not get taken for $30,000.00 plus, for  a "diving certification", YES I wrote "diving certification" which is WORTHLESS.

The best school for the money is the Norwegian diving school, in Norway, school cost less than $6,000.00 USD, Yes that is SIX THOUSAND USD

See URL:

You received upon completion and passing a "DIVING LICENSE" issued by the Norwegian Government.That is REALLY VALID anywhere in the world. Travel, course and living there will not cost anywhere near $30,000.00.

The Next School to consider is Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program


See URL:

Cost is / was less than $10,000.00 for NON-Resident. Resident was / less than $5,000.00

Compare these two school to any other, the best value and training is Norwegian diving school.

Second to look at Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program.

All other "Schools" are a WASTE OF MONEY!

Research, the money You save will be Your Own!

Good Morning. I want to Thank everyone for the information and help guiding me away from this school. I will look into the others Monday. I'm broke and want to get into this business. I'm single and willing to travel. I only have whatever the government will give or loan me for college. Any other information you might have for me Please send it my way. Thanks and have a Great Sunday!!!!


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