Congratulations to KM on their lastest patent, the exhaust valve system for underwater diving. This is the 8th patent KM has acquired from the USPTO since 2002. The others were for:
underwater viewing lens, bubble diverters for scuba and helmets, underwater valve system, facemask retaining system, automatic regulator, air/gas exchange system.

Funny thing is it all seems to be retreaded old technology that's been around since the 60s -70s rather than something new. At this rate no one will be able to make a helmet of any kind without infringing on KM patents and/or trademarks.

Oh and KM has trademarked Miller-Dunn, so will KM now claim that they've been making helmets since the 1800s because of Their Miller-Dunn trademark?

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It has to go through the legal system. Until someone steps up and files a suit for infringement of business ( ie the independent hat maker) unrestricted patents will continue. DId you know that some one could legally form a business Using you name in the title and theres not much you could do about it. Unless it began to infringe on your rights... Until you file for a trademark, even your name is a public domain...
It seems to me I remember Carson trying to drum up support for a class action lawsuit against KM a few months ago...I also notice that he's no longer on either forum. Coincident?
That's 'cause KMDSI coerced Cdiver to remove him...gutless, but that's an awful big legal dept that KMDSI swings the fella's here can't be blamed...for the first one anyhow...after that...well...that would be for you all to determine equity vs reality.

still, they just seem to be patenting old stuff, nothing new... no surprise there. I suppose if you can't be original, be thorough in your piracy and history revisions...
Opportunity Opportunity thats what it takes.
Broco did not invent Broco exothermic rod they took advantage of old technology.
U.S. Navy Pier 88 dive school 1940s.
If your not smart enough to think of it STEAL IT.


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