Congratulations to KM on their lastest patent, the exhaust valve system for underwater diving. This is the 8th patent KM has acquired from the USPTO since 2002. The others were for:
underwater viewing lens, bubble diverters for scuba and helmets, underwater valve system, facemask retaining system, automatic regulator, air/gas exchange system.

Funny thing is it all seems to be retreaded old technology that's been around since the 60s -70s rather than something new. At this rate no one will be able to make a helmet of any kind without infringing on KM patents and/or trademarks.

Oh and KM has trademarked Miller-Dunn, so will KM now claim that they've been making helmets since the 1800s because of Their Miller-Dunn trademark?

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Neither. It's the three sided lens, like the Sat Hat had.
Won't be long and you will be able to get one from China with chinese patients ??
I failed to mention that besides patenting theses items here in the USA, KM has beenon a trademarking spree. Trademarking these items in the USA, Singapore and Europe, thus giving KM multiple jurisdictions to file suit.
Next thing you know KM will go after Joe Savoie's Estate for inventing the neck dam.
If you control the market you also control the price.
Speaking of estates, I wonder if the Miller and Dunn heirs are aware that KM has laid claim to their legacy.
I guess when the Viagra wears off Bev ya still wanna F***with somebody.
Bob must be shaking his head on your antics now.
The one name KM cannot trademark for there helmets is TUPPERWARE.
Y'all aren't seeing the wh*** picture here. Not only may these patents pose a concern for those who make hats or want to make hats, but also for those who make and/or sell after market replacement parts or custom made parts for use on helmets and bandmasks. And would it be limited to just the KM brand after market parts? I suspect the courts would have to decide.
Agreed Diva:

It also allows them to discontinue parts and,because aftermarket parts would infringe on the patents, this forces people into huge expenses to replace full helmets instead of $5 parts to make them functional.
If KM could control the resale market by making the hat's hardware obsolete say every 5 yrs then the average diver would have to purchase at least 2 new hats if not more during his/her career.

But that would only work if KM could keep others from making after market replacement parts for their hats. Like with patents and trademarks. It would also reduce the number of used hats for sale which would also boost the sale of new hats.
Remember what habbened to BIll Gates? Eventually you cross a line with patents that infringe on free trade an beginto MONOPOLIZE which is what happened to Gates. there are things that KM buys from others (like Plumbing and comm parts) to avoid this. If the line gets too thin it will cause major trouble for KM
Chere, KM is a govt contractor and yet the hardware on their hats are manufactured in Taiwan and elsewhere, their hats are only assemblied in Santa Batbara, CA. So why isn't the govt on them for violation of the Buy American Act?


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