yo bro just read some of your latest msseges

my bro i couldnt make them better myself,i cant not understand wtfck hppend?the sea is t sea an all is the same?????????

a paper here an there?wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwtfck

my first sup told me tony just do d job dsnt matter how?

i did after cigg and a slice of pizza(gasrig)say what?where t wind blows

the place and the time.stoooorys.back to the story?wtfck happend????.

and im still diving

god bless santa barbara



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With the economy, the BP spill and all of the many possiable new certs being required these days not to mention a lousy work season if you could call it that who wouldnt get steamed up.
Damn it Jim ! Were Divers not some topside dummies!
Here's a note guys If you doc**ent the USCG time required training, you dont need a card or a school certificate! Just the signed off log book! The ADC CLAIMS to be the "Governing body", WE are, the only reason it gets away with these drone tactics, is that we allow it.
The USCG will release the real CFR for review and comment in the spring, if you waste time giving your opinion to the ADC version, then you fall into the same bucket your all crying over. Start standing together and saying NO to s*** head 2 month supervisors who dont know how to tie their shoes and write letters to the congressmen and military officials that your blood and votes put in office. after 20years, I still cant understand as big balled as 98 % of you claimed to be, why NONE have the BALLS to stand together against a group of used to be divers and company owners trying to feed off of your blood. If your wife were being raped in front of you youd act, if a drunk spilled your beer youd find a reason to fight! But you hide your heads in your butts when some one says the word ADC or DIVERS Union ( Not Trade Association).
I just dont get it- someone must have surrendered our wills to the GULAG officials and forgot to send me a memo......Dale is right the older Guys sold out for money, the rookies are selling out (UNKNOWINGLY ) for log book time. This aint painting easter eggs ladies, some one f*&k's up, and we DIE! Or has it become OK recently for someone else to descide what bills we can pay or what food we can afford. When will enough be enough?


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