Hey is anyone headed to Haiti to help get the port up and running, I would like to get on board.


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i'm game if anyone knows anything about it.
Did I hear 43,000 dead ? man
I would imagine US national emergency center would have some kind of corporate list of who would have assets available in the region. Canada has their DART emergency response team on standby c/w portable watermaking, medic & disaster team loaded for air dispatch.
Like Flynn said it has its risks. They are currently in a state of desperation and loss and here comes the next guy (maybe you) they have no anything now and you have at least a job. Your now the next game in town. So ya got to watch yourself real close its easy to get robbed and worse. Of course there are alot of good people there as not to sound negative. You just have to be real aware. Somewhat like the Katrina hurricane aftermath. Desperate people do desperate things. It is like Flynn said a different game.
When the going gets tuff the tuff get going. Hooha
Its the lack of money. The US Navy dive program is one of the lowest funded in the Navy. AND I'm not talking about Special Operations...
Last count 23 Emergency respose teams en route.
30 teams on the ground...
More reason to reconsider; Do You really want to go their!

Survivor: Without vital port, 'We'll starve to death, that's all'

See URL;

How is this everyone is sleeping outside with what little belongings they have left, someone calls tsunami everyone runs for their lives and the crook gangs come in and steel their belongings. There was no tsunami now that is pretty cold. Like mentioned earlier in posts they play with a different set of rules. My heart goes out to the good people of Haiti and to the others lock and load the firing range is wide open.
Latest news is over 100,000 dead at minium


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